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I didn't even know bag seeds could sprout (1st post, macros)
... could sprout (1st post, macros) - Forums Hi all, What's up? I found a seed in my bag and I decided to germinate just for the hell of it. I didn't think it was possible, but now ...
Just another bag grow (Sog) Part II
Just another bag grow (Sog) Part II - Page 10 - Forums heh I is jealous by your success in growing my friend, ...
Just another bag grow (Sog) Part II
... (Sog) Part II - Page 24 - Forums thats some nice bagseed. looks like they are all from the same bag too lol. best of luck to you. i can tell you give them lots of love and thats what matters ... and works well. Quote: Originally Posted by PistolPusher thats some nice bagseed. looks like they are all from the same bag too lol. best of luck to you. i can tell you give them lots of love and thats what matters ...
Grew a bag seed in prefert soil, tap water n miracle grow! CFl's pics included
... - Forums I want some feedback on my grow, I have heard alot of scepticism when it comes to bagged seed, miracle grow, pre-fert soil and use of tap water! I wanted to share my experience for the first ... and let me know what you guys think!!! thanks heres the link my 1st grow all wrong, pre-fert soil, bag seed, tap water n miracle grow! see pics!!!
Growing on a budget ? Need a GREAT SOIL ? Check this out $5 a BAG !!!!!!
... Posted by StandUp&GetHigh i need to get this shit, im all about the budget i just got a bag of miracle grow organic, just b/c it was at home depot and cheap. how exactly does that compare to ... either just 1 type of compost and the Kellogg's luckily they had that. But just remember that bright yellow bag if you ever come across it grab some and give it a try. My only question for this stuff is ...
Closet Bag Seed Grow
... and a half, I switched them to 12/12 about a week and a half ago. They all came from bag seed. I know for a fact several of them are Silver Lemon Haze, Bubblegum, Ice Cream, Strawberry Cough, a no ...
grow bag vs grow pot
... suppose it would be easier to flush with a pot? hmm maybe so, but I have flushed 7 gallon grow bags with no problems. Just have to kinda rock them back and forth gently till all the water sqeezes out. But yea maybe a lil easier :P puh i cannot stand bags. the lip will fold over during watering, if you pick them up and move them, you have to move the ...
Hydro farm dirt bags
... .com Forums Anyone ever use these? Cant find smart pots, so i picked up 20 gallon dirt bags for outdoor use. Bumpy bumpy Yeah, I'd like to know how they compare too. They are about %20 cheaper. ...
Go Buy A Bag Of Ladybugs
... Ladybugs - Forums You can buy Ladybugs at your nursary. I always buy a few bags every year. Spray the wings with soda and they cannot fly away for 2 days. The munch everything for two ...
Slang For Different Sized Bags
... 3 - Forums 518 upstate NY .9 - dimer / dime bag 1.7 - 20 bag / dub 3.5 - eight / single 7.0 - quarter / nick 14.0 - half / halfer 28.0 - ounce / zip 112.0 - quap / ...

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