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Original haze x skunk #1 DWC
... Grow. Seeds : Original Haze x Skunk #1 Lights : 150w fluorescent 150w Sodium System : DWC Nutrients : Pure Blend Pro Grow, Pure Blend Pro Bloom (Organic) I'm currently ...
SmokingTree's "Chrystal" by Nirvana 4 Site DWC
... 're joining from my previous journal SmokingTree's Diesel Ryders - 400 Watt HPS - DWC you'll find a similar style here in this journal. For those joining ... sparked my interest. I am setting up a 6 to 8 bucket Recirculating DWC too and have a 5x5x7 Mylar Tent and will be useing 400 MH ...
400w DWC/Soil grow- Aurora & Utopia Haze
... drag R076's ass in here (Elvis) he just completed a very nice DWC very similar to yours and had kick ass results. Fif3l hi, Doc sent ... .1 for soil water temp 76. light distance ~ 12" DWC haze- 450 PPM DWC Aurora1-220 PPM DWC Aurora 2-450 PPM all soils were watered with 7 ...
1st dwc grapefruit grow
... grow - Forums just started my first dwc grow with female seeds grapefruit, popped all 4 seeds and i picked the ... barely 16 inches tall. compared to my previous grows in soil im finding dwc a lot of hard work very time consuming and up to now not ...
... LST - Forums im building my dwc system, and after reading the post on lst'n the plant all around ... if you do what's called ScrOGing. especially in a hydro setup like DWC. It's essentially the same concept as LST. also you shouldn't do ...
Switching hydro dwc-drip
... clogging are a problem.. In my personal opinion I would keep at the DWC because you are going to run into alot more problems with a drip ... I understand Quote: Originally Posted by Buddah118 so after losing 2 crops in dwc (one to ph other to root rot) I decided to switch to drip ...
Tips on transplanting from soil to DWC system?
... would put those in 2 inch plastic net cups then hydroton inside my DWC system's cups. Will leaving some soil and a coconut mesh cup around ... putting the roots into hydroton pellets, i'd hang the roots in the DWC over night, in pH adjusted 5.5 water (bubbler on ofcourse). Then put ...
Changing the reservoir? (DWC) cpl other ?'s
... switch from soil to hydro with a 18 gallon rubbermaid tub 6 plant DWC system. I think I have everything down I am just still pretty confused ...
DWC VS. Aeroponics????
... you guys think will have a greater chance at succeeding...4 five gallon DWC buckets or 2 eight site Areoponics systems, both will be DIY. Another question ... nutrient solution with a reservoir. @ohspyro89 Yea I was leaning more toward the DWC too....but it seems a lil more difficult to build when u throw ...
1st Pc-grow (CFL) Chrystal DWC Hydro
... by L1feG1ver very nice grow, my next grow is gunna be a mini dwc bucket like yours. good luck, ill stay posted Cheers LifeGiver. Yeah the ... . It is quite big for its age but Ive been looking at other Dwc grows and it seems about right although its quite hard to tell (check ...

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