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autoflower on 12/12 light cycle

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Aerogarden Autoflowers
... autoflowering, just vegetative grow on 20/4 for 3-6 weeks, then switch to a 12/12 cycle ...
aerogarden pro200 afghan kush autoflower
... they need a 12/12 light period. They do not need 12/12. They do autoflower. If ... cycle again... i hope this all sounds like a coherent thought as im as high as an 8th grader on ...
Indoor Soil Grow, 250w HPS, Autoflower Himalaya Blue Diesel
... on a 20/4 cycle in John Innes Seed Sowing Compost. The light ... light set up that is suspended from the top, a 12 inch ... grow journal of a soil grow autoflower under HPS? If I'm ...
Easy Ryder CFL dresser grow
... 12/12 and 20/4. I was thinking though, if I go back to just autoflowers, I will keep them under 20/4 light ... 12/12 and ended up just putting the easy ryder in that same cycle ...
1000wt tent grow with autoflowering easyryders !
... autoflowering easyryders ! - Forums Hello everyone, been a ... do you need to switch the light cycle to 12/12 or can I keep it on 19/5? My other plants are ...
**No time for a Journal? Update here.. Any skill level welcome**
... 12 week average 3) Does this make the plant have a development curve similar to that of an autoflowering ...
Auto Flower grow from start to finish.With seed production.
... cycle.Yield will be small to say the least on an auto clone. Nice autoflowers ... day cycle allowing each to receive supplemental light form ... my babies 10 -12 hrs a day in ...
First Grow Ever!
... on 12/12 lighting and I will hopefully be planning on ... lights besides this one, but neither have sprouted yet. Awesome news by the way, I just ordered a little cheese autoflower ...
Whats the average life of a Lowrider #1 from seed to harvest?
... what the average life cycle from seed to harvets ... on 12/12 it will grow alot shorter than if u did it on 14/12 its still going to autoflower but vegging it longer aka more light ...
24/0 vs 18/6 in the vegetative cycle
... light cycles ... 12-12 ive never seen a problem... SWITCHAROO! Quote: Originally Posted by toastybiz The 24/0 vs. 18/6 debate has raged on ...

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