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Auto Ak47 - T5 grow - 05/05/2011
... 't wait to see them grow up. Just finished a grow of auto ak47 good stuff looks like those jacks didnt want to autoflower at least ... , they're getting pretty big! one was just under 2 feet and the other was just over 2 feet they were super bushy though My grow space is ...
WW and AK47 Outdoors?
WW and AK47 Outdoors? - Page 23 - Forums More from Porksville. The AK is still looking dark green and lush. But look at the white widow in the last 2 pics, even the damn fan leaves are growing trichs..."The ... a while, female trouble :P puh These females don't give you the blues bro... Check em out. The first 2 pics are something I have not shown you before...those are the buds forming on that bagseed rescue plant!! Look ...
what is the best skunk you have ever smoked
what is the best skunk you have ever smoked - Page 2 - Forums ATF x-mas buds AK47 I got Island Skunk right now, it has a strong odor and smell, pretty sweet taste, and about 50/50 sativa indica blend.
AK-47 and a 2nd shot at pictures!
AK-47 and a 2nd shot at pictures! - Page 2 - Forums Good lookin stuff. And to the guy who said it don't look legit... AK47 has A LOT of phenotypes, and chances are many ppl have hybrids anyhow. Just cause it doesn't look like yours, doesn't mean it isn't Feel the love baby
What strain could this be? 2 fire pickups with macros
... EXACTLY as they do in person. here they are BUD #1 light green bud #2... the darker one.. they look great, but the chances of anyone on here ... both 1quarter each strain...normally my half oz cost me 140 or 150 is AK47 in general not worth the tax? and yes.. these are both 3-4 hit ...
Live in WI: strains in the area?
Live in WI: strains in the area? - Page 2 - Forums Lemon kush, OG kush, Sour D, Green Crack, White kush, Strawberry cough, AK47, Piff, the list goes on. just keep lookin man, you'll find some. I'm in Madison ... you could live in cali and not find anyone. Just who you know basically I usually pay $90 for 1/2 .oz and i ask for midgrade....its good shit and all my friends love it....its just a little harsher ...
Yellow Hairs, Red Hairs, and Orange hairs
Yellow Hairs, Red Hairs, and Orange hairs - Page 2 - Forums i blazed the AK47 with legit yes it does have orange hairs you sure that's what you had...cause every one i talk ...
From seed to weed the auto ak47
From seed to weed the auto ak47 - Page 8 - Forums WHHEEWW! 2 thumbs up for sure Dangreen!! The blueish hue looks lovely..Those are gonn blow u away when you try them ... the 12/12 lighting? im wondering if i should do the same when it hits that time. Growing the same ak47 auto Wow hey everyone thanks for the great comments. I gotta run to work I'll check back in at ...
Lowryder 2 x AK47 & Lowlife Blueberry Grow
... or comments are welcome. Enjoy some pics of the 3 Lowlife Blueberry. Pics of 3 Lowryder 2 x AK47 Pics of my crazy lookin Lowryder 2 x AK47. Pics are a few days olds. Tomorrow I'll take new pics and post, they are ... Day 25 The girls are lovin to have their 1000hps back, growin nice and strong. Here are the 4 LOWRYDER 2 x AK47; Here are the 3 LOWLIFE BLUEBERRY; As for watering, I'm not going to use SUPERthrive and HOMEx no ...
Lowryder 2 seed
... ! Thanks for the info. I was thinking of doing this with the auto ak47 strain. I was looking at a spray that allows you to hermie the ... man. What was the technique you used to pollinate? Or did you only have 2 plants? What was the yield? Actually my pollination technique was a little on ...

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