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Auto Ak47 - T5 grow - 05/05/2011
... up. Just finished a grow of auto ak47 good stuff looks like those jacks didnt ... one was just under 2 feet and the other was just over 2 feet they were super ...
WW and AK47 Outdoors?
... AK47 Outdoors? - Page 23 - Forums More from Porksville ... . But look at the white widow in the last 2 pics, even the damn fan leaves are growing trichs...& ...
what is the best skunk you have ever smoked
... is the best skunk you have ever smoked - Page 2 - Forums ATF x-mas buds AK47 I got Island Skunk right now, it has a strong ...
AK-47 and a 2nd shot at pictures!
... shot at pictures! - Page 2 - Forums Good lookin stuff. And to the guy who said it don't look legit... AK47 has A LOT of phenotypes ...
What strain could this be? 2 fire pickups with macros
... green... iv taken pictures of both buds in 2 different lightings... so they look different... I ... half oz cost me 140 or 150 is AK47 in general not worth the tax? and yes.. ...
Live in WI: strains in the area?
... : strains in the area? - Page 2 - Forums Lemon kush, OG kush, Sour D, Green Crack, White kush, Strawberry cough, AK47, Piff, the list goes on. just ... find anyone. Just who you know basically I usually pay $90 for 1/2 .oz and i ask for midgrade....its good shit and all my friends ...
Yellow Hairs, Red Hairs, and Orange hairs
Yellow Hairs, Red Hairs, and Orange hairs - Page 2 - Forums i blazed the AK47 with legit yes it does have orange hairs you sure that's ...
From seed to weed the auto ak47
From seed to weed the auto ak47 - Page 8 - Forums WHHEEWW! 2 thumbs up for sure Dangreen!! The blueish hue looks lovely..Those are gonn ... i should do the same when it hits that time. Growing the same ak47 auto Wow hey everyone thanks for the great comments. I gotta run to ...
Lowryder 2 x AK47 & Lowlife Blueberry Grow
... ; Lowlife Blueberry Grow - Forums I am currently growin 4 Lowryder 2 x AK47 and 3 Lowlife Blueberry, ALL FEMALES. They are all on day 22, all ... of the 3 Lowlife Blueberry. Pics of 3 Lowryder 2 x AK47 Pics of my crazy lookin Lowryder 2 x AK47. Pics are a few days olds. Tomorrow I'll ...
Lowryder 2 seed
... I was thinking of doing this with the auto ak47 strain. I was looking at a spray ... used to pollinate? Or did you only have 2 plants? What was the yield? Actually my ...

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