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2 weeks into flower burnt pistils

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Kandy Kush (fem) & Blue Widow (fem)
... 's turning into a ... Flower) BW is @ 33" and pumpin' out pistils ... Burnt ... flowering cut 3 weeks to root.. well it only took a week to root but then it took more like 2 1/2 weeks ...
Buckets the social group
... 2. ... weeks into flower, what do you guys think (excuse the burnt ... week 5 you say? hopefully in the next couple weeks you'll see the buds start to swell. Right now it's all pistils ...
Auto Blueberry (LowLife seeds)
... flowering...two weeks into flower is when I switch to flowering nutes, if needed, and they are much lower in N. I still flush last week ...
How long before a flower seeds!??? - THCfarmer
... flower seeds!??? - THCfarmer Ok i need some help! I had a plant that stunk like burnt ...
THOHaze start of flower to july:D
... weeks of the pollunation but the pistils have started to get brown/die in the last week ... 2 days into flower ...
IM GOING KRYPTO [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... 1st week ,started counting when pistills started ... some cloning and into flower room. Cant wait ... stong, even at 2 weeks early the high ... yellow without looking burnt or anything ...
... weeks does it matter when you can use co2 can you use at anytime!!!!!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing: :joint::joint::joint: im two full weeks into flowering ...
Nomaad's Outdoor Adventure 2009 v1.2
... burnt points are a slight nute burn imo I am too lazy to cover my plants for early flowering:fsu: The little burnt ... weeks into flower though ... beautiful pistils. I ... about 2 weeks ...
Why doesn't my plant appear frosty ? Week 10 of flowering
... burnt ... weeks into flower ... flowering time into consideration. So.... given that they're waaay past the recommended weeks in flowering and the pistils ...
BubbleDust Bud Porn
... white pistills ... burnt ... week old... so this should be fun... how did you find AD to clone? Growdoc I was saying they were the weakest clones, 2 weeks into flower ...

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