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3 weeks no buds

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Flowering (3/4weeks) no buds/yellow leaves
... 3/4weeks) no buds/yellow leaves - Page 2 ermmm, i dont know ... is feed it veg fertilizer 2 weeks into bud, and then switch to the bud ferts for the remainder of the ...
Flowering (3/4weeks) no buds/yellow leaves
... (3/4weeks) no buds/yellow leaves - Page 3 Dont pull the leaves off! Let them die off if their going to. THey're getting all the energy to form buds. Leave ...
Flowering (3/4weeks) no buds/yellow leaves
Flowering (3/4weeks) no buds/yellow leaves Ok, i have had my plant on flowering for around 4 weeks now (veg under 125W maigrow CFL, and flowering under 400W HPS ...
Still no buds
Still no buds - Page 2 - Forums No buds yet?!?!?! Uh oh...there's no way your harvesting in time. I'm already 2-3 weeks in and I'm still cutting ... rain. Quote: Originally Posted by washedmothafuka No buds yet?!?!?! Uh oh...there's no way your harvesting in time. I'm already 2-3 weeks in and I'm still cutting ...
soil to hydro at 3 weeks
... weeks - Magic Bud... 3 weeks - Troublemaker.... Someone I met has the same strains (MB & TM) on the grow, although he is 2 weeks on the MB, and a week ... a definite no ...
PC Grow 90w 2 plants 3 weeks into flower bagseed
... 3 weeks ... buds are lookin nice! definately wanna see how this turns out!! Couple updated pics about 1 week ...
QUICK! spider mites and white flys in budding plant!
... budding plant! - Forums not many, just a few, but that means its time to do something fast. my plant is 3 weeks into budding ... with absolutely no adverse ...
CFL grow 3 weeks into flowering
... 3 weeks into flowering. 4/5 females Very first grow. Using Fox Farm Tiger Bloom. MG Organic potting soil. LST. BAGSEED. Turbinado sugar. Nice Bud ...
First grow, 8 bagseed. 2 months, 3 weeks in, Flowering.
... 3 weeks in, Flowering. - Forums My first grow has been going really well as of late. They've been flowering for probably 2-3 weeks ... no added ... the bud will ...
3 weeks into flowering and NOTHING!
3 weeks into flowering and NOTHING! - Forums What are the most common things that would keep a plant from flowering 3 weeks ...

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