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5 Inches,6 Weeks, Flowering..NICE!!
5 Inches,6 Weeks, Flowering..NICE!! I choose 1 seed ... afraid of her reaction...but she is an amazing lil plant.. Please feel free to check out my pics in my ...
Plant Moisture Stress - Symptoms and Solutions
... how to revive tap water damaged 8 inch plants in 3 gal soil container Would need more ... room with little temp flux. Growing in 5 gallon pots in a soil medium, using RO ...
Slow Grow Plants + Droopy Yellow Leaves = Need Help
... Help My plants are 6 weeks old and are just now developing their 4th and 5th set of leaves. They range in height from 4 inches to 5 inches. Is ... plants are in 3.5" diameter pots and they are the ones with the biggest and most leaves. The plants in the 1 gallon size pots are 4 inches ...
Northern lights plant is way to small, please help!
... a plant that had the same problem... I grew it for 2 1/2 months and the plant grew to about 5 inches tall... I found out that my plant was ... option #3~ pull clones and do it right next time with more plants Some plants are just retarded like that, to be honest I don't see ...
how big should a plant be b4 i start 2 water untill water drips threw the holes
... a plant get b4 i start 2 water it till the water drips threw the bottom? roots are prob like 1.5 inches- 2 inches deep. pots about 5.5-6 inches of soil they have about 2 inches on the tap and have a few lil ...
Help! Plants are falling!
... inch long... the plants are being grown indoors, and my mom knows, so i can do what is needed to help them grow stronger... This is the 3.5 Inch plant ... inch for the smaller plant, and an 1.5 inches for the other, and ive noticed more growth since those pictures were posted, id say maybe an eigth of an inch ...
stem size and plant trimming
... time growing almost anything my plants are 6 weeks old i've gotten rid of the males and now have 5 healthy plants aprox. 20 inches tall the stems are 1/4 in around they seem pretty small compared to some of the plants i've seen ...
Midget plant?
Midget plant? Well I have an outdoor grow going, I have one HUGE plant the rest are regular size, and one it about 5 inches all, its been growing for ...
LST + First First
... All, My babies are a little over month old with about 5 nodes on a 3.5 inch plant. Using Soil. I have not fed them with nutes, only watered ...
Plant Help!!
Plant Help!! Hi guys alright i have 3 plants. theyre only about 4-5 inches tall. theyre 2 weeks old from putting the seeds into germination to growing. ...

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