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... Forums If i cant get 6500k cfls easily is it ok to use 5500k bulbs or will i just be buying 6500ks later it will work.... most ...
mixing 5500k and 6500k 26 watt cfls
... 26w 6500k bulbs and 2 26w 5500k bulbs per plant? Well, both the 6500k and the 5500k are both Veg bulbs --- the 5500k is actually a little bit better ... you can mix those, no problems. Thanks for the reply. What makes the 5500k better than the 6500k? Do plants do more photosynthesis at that spectrum? Quote ...
Can i use 5500k or 5100k instead of 6500k?
... 6500k and if i do there low wattage. Im seeing a lot of 5500k and 5100k can i use that instead? yes those spectrums are actually better ... just fine. I am sure that most of you have seen this chart... 5500K is ideal for light absorption. Good luck.
can you use 6500k and 5500k together??
... ?? need help? i dont think it will matter , as long as its above 5500k and that there both daylight cfl's, right? anyoneeeeeeeee????? that would be fine ... then add in the lighter 6500ks if you have more room. Those 6500K/5500K bulbs ("daylight") Wink also have substantial emittance in the red part ...
Anyone use higher spec (5500K) blue cfls to suppliment lighting during flowering?
... during flowering? Anyone suppliment their HPS (400w enhanced spectrum) with 100w (5500k) Cfls during the stages of flowering? Any advantages? any personal ...
CFLs from Home Depot and Lowes are 5500k!!!
... . On the back of the package however, in small typing it reads "5500k" I discovered this bc I bought (6) 42 watt 6500k cfls and ... for the color of my Home Depot 27 watters and sure enough, 5500k. Just thought you all should know. + rep for the info dude You ...
5500k color temp, will this do?
... can't seem to find 6500k CFL's anywhere at the home stores. 5500k is the highest I have found. Will this do for vegging? If not ... makin fun of me? Im just kidding thats funny. +rep actually I used 5500k before and it'll work. 6500k is ideal tho
Will 5500k work to flower?
... im suppose to use around 3500k to flower, but if i used the 5500k bulbs would my plant still prduce buds? Yes but they will be very ...
CFL Lights: 5500K or 6500K or does it matter?
... have 6500k, Target does have 6500K. should I get the 6500K or the 5500K, or does it not make much of a difference. The are for veg ... better than most others. why is 5500k better? i would do 6500k. i like an idiot bought 5000k which is ...
CFLs from Home Depot and Lowes are 5500k!!!
CFLs from Home Depot and Lowes are 5500k!!! - Page 2 i've had good luck with the home depot 5500k cfl's, really gave me a good veg ...

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