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LIttle Larve
... ) Comments: A naturally occurring, spore-forming bacterium produced commercially by fermentation. Bti applied at labeled rates provides temporary control and is toxic only to ...
I think it's potassium defficiency..
... for them flying around, only takes a few for lots of larvae). The Bti in the Mosquito Dunks works well for fungus gnats, used it when I was doing NFT & E&F in RW. Bti can be used up to day of harvest. are you letting it dry ...
Split from : The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... have any? BLAZE ON! :joint: Those are thrips in pic1 a BTi drench in the medium to kill the larva and a neem spraying to ...
Split from : The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... than the fungus gnats, as you say, because there are no flies present. BTi (Dunks) are completely organic and safe and you should repeat the treatment in ...
I think that I have Gnats!!!
... 80 dollar figure, and btw your res shouldnt need weekly innoculations of bti. Also...liquid BTI can go bad if stored at high temperatures for a long time ... (gnats included), fungus, mold, or other pest lurking in there. Good luck! Remember, BTi is completely safe, organic, pest control. Awesome thread. You guys saved me posting ...
Oh no, My first hydro problem..Please Help
... other than bottle directions is 1/4 dunk per 5 gallons. :wink: ^^Yup...BTi works great on em and is nontoxic to animals and humans - plus it ... at WM, HD or Lowes. Hi pedrodepacas, I concur with mtf sandman, use bti and eliminate the fungus gnats. :yes: If a gnat infestation gets out of ...
the Hand Watering coco thread [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... gallon, adding more if needed--I inoculate with 5ml/gal Cal/Mag+ & Bti-- Then submerge the coco bale into this solution sideways (leaving dry coco suspended ...
Project EDEN - the COCO-COOP [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... well reduced, it's been 2 days now with a strong dose of BTi product in the tank water being given 5 times a day. i still ... seems that the best way, is to attack from all sides. i.e. BTi product, sticky traps and nematodes if possible, maybe even spray the plants with ...
Project EDEN - the COCO-COOP [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... -productive. I've had only limited success / mixed results with mosquito dunks (BTi); tried whole donuts in reservoirs, crushed / powdered donuts mixed with water and top ... as crushed donuts sprinkled in medium. Since then I've discovered Gnatrol (same BTi active ingredient as mosquito dunks), and fungus gnats are a thing of the ...
Can I use Too Much Gnatrol? on my plants? the water is all brown now
... sm90 on/in your medium and res may have weakened or killed your bti application and THAT would also cause much stinkage. H202 also wacks the friendly ... very foul like fish emulsion. This is why the dry inactive form of bti, like misquito dunks is preferred over gnatrol or vectobac liquids. If you have ...

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