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Burping? wtf?
... 's verse is hekktik) You don't ever get the urge to just burp after taking a big hit or hitting a bong? I always did, and ... demand so i guess i can see how it could be done... I burp smoke almost every time. It's fun. Occasionally it happens to me, but ...
dont want to "burp" cure, another way?
... dense, gooey, flakey and have dry brittle ass stems. but dont want to burp it i just want to leave it alone after giving its week long ...
how much "burping" is necessary?
... build up before I let them breathe? Also, how long should I be burping them for? a week? Thanks! I just leave the jar open and give ...
How many times to burp a jar?? - Stoner Forums
... jar and i need to no how many times do you have to burp it in a day?? someone said every 2 hours and somebody else said ... or 4 times a day is pretty good but what osprey said I burp more often when it's humid and less often when it's dry ...
How long should I keep burping my cure? - 420 Magazine
... buds are. If they are dry enough not to go moldy then stop burping and leave the lid sealed and the plants will age like a good ... jars that are over a year old and taste marvelous. You can stop burping when your bud gets down to 70-75% humidity. How exactly do you ...
The burping of the jars - The Garden's Cure
... a place thats almost a desert in summer and a rainforest all winter. Burping jars this time of year introduces more moisture. I have to run a ... : Originally Posted by jerryskid I've been curing since the end of September..burping the jars twice daily. The first stuff I harvested at the end of ...
Burping - The Garden's Cure
... the full plate of psychoactives that one gets with different strains of cannabis. Burping will help with fresh air changes to remove moisture and increase oxygen around ... start smoking 'em. Quote: Originally Posted by mayan How long do people "burp" for? Two weeks? Some kinda "feel test?" Thanks! I've ...
Marijuana Burp
Marijuana Burp - Page 2 - Forums Lol... It happens to me but, oddly enough, ...
Marijuana Burp
... 're talking about. You've never smoked and then a little bit later burped up smoke?! Quote: Originally Posted by YourPerception You've never smoked and then ... Posted by YourPerception You've never smoked and then a little bit later burped up smoke?! No... Quote: Originally Posted by YourPerception So you don't smoke ...
Curing and burping jars? - 420 Magazine
... to cure and I heard of burping but am not sure how often i should burp the cans any help is appreciated ~Cmitch55 Burp the jars when you see ... RH inside the jar, if it increases several % an hour, you want to burp them for an hour or two, this can be done with the lid ...

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