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Killing Fields x Madonna from the WPW Auction, now a freebie from Sannie - THCfarmer
... of an OG Kush Abusive... All grown with Sannies tabs and bacto. Also budswel, Pura Vida Grow and Bloom , Diotomic Humus and Floralicious plus. http://www.thcfarmer ...
Killing Fields x Madonna from the WPW Auction, now a freebie from Sannie - THCfarmer
... . So make back up. FWIW I pulled these at 9 weeks hoping that budswel shaved a week off. But I think 10 or 11 would have been ...
your nuts? - THCfarmer
... first time this grow, KoolBlloom in Powder for late flower. I also use Budswell 5ml per gallon throughout the grow for flavor and smell enhancing. Flush for ... the bottom of the buckets and clog up lines: Liquid Karma and Floralicious. Budswell works better for me. I've also tried Sweet and found it to ...
your nuts? - THCfarmer
... of 2 weeks. beautiful flowersss The Guano Company: Super Tea & Budswell Technoflora : Sugar Daddy,Thrive Alive Green, humic acid Spray n Grow (foliar ...
My Coco Method - THCfarmer
... used No Mercy and Guanokalong brands with success, there are others such as Budswel and I guess they work just as well. My nute regime is rather ... the stuff I use for my outdoor garden...vegetables, roses etc. I use budswell indoors with great success in terms of smell and taste. I'm not ...
big time noob tryin to do it - THCfarmer
... Liquid karma Tea mix (per gallon) 2 times a week: 1/5 cup Budswel super tea 1 to 2 tbsp Earth Juice Grow 1 tsp Earth Juice ...
Combining Organics and Synthetics - THCfarmer
... good plants and mothers. I've grown in GH 3part with budswel which is organic. But budswel lowers ph , so you basically use it as ph down. Earth ... so minor that I am questioning going back to chem ferts with the budswel and a good cure. I would do either or unless you can afford ...
Molasses - THCfarmer
... and the aeration over time. distilled water w a ph of 6.0.. budswel guano (contains earthworm castings bat & seabird guano) grandma's molasses green fuse ... requesting the ingredient values, awaiting a reply. The guano I use is Budswel guano - which contains earthworm castings, bat & seabird guano. There are prolly ...
Molasses - THCfarmer
... haven't fed a carb product during the grow (H&G line + Budswell pretty much). I'm interested in people who've used this technique and ...
need subcools super soil recipe PLEASE!!!! - THCfarmer
... ... However, I'm curious about using a soil without additional nutes... Maybe some Budswell and blackstrap, but that's about it... Ive used it straight from mixing ...

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