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... and end up with the light 5" away from my plants...the chlorophyl gets bleached on the leaves and the buds and they turn white... but ... a live plant, but it would make sense, that if you're loosing chlorophyl, you're also losing thc. You can still get allot of yield this ...
Smile & Critical Jack. first name brand grow
... - Page 129 - Forums I'm thinking possibly manganese cuz the uneven chlorophyll spread Well I fed her 1/2 dose tiger bloom. It has like ...
Possuum’s Water-Only Organic Grow
... intro. This grow is being conducted in the spirit of being a minimalist Chlorophyll Manager. By that I’m referring to; start with solid “basics”, keep it ...
- - Show your Hash/Oil! - -
... /Oil! - - - Page 14 - Forums Nice chlorophyll. Quote: Originally Posted by Paul420MW Nice chlorophyll. Looks kinda like Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil to ...
Water curing
... trying this for the first time. You're totally wrong. First of all chlorophyl does not evaporate. You change the water one or more times per day ... in there all 7 days. This means it has been marinating in a chlorophyll soup and could very well taste terrible once you get to smoking it ...
got trim?
got trim? - Forums Chlorophyll...More Like Borophyll! So I just gave my girlfriend and haircut in preparation ...
Vic's First Grow (WW & Pineapple Chunk)
... 26 - Forums Just a couple things on your list above: The chlorophyll will not move from the leaves to the buds, so you can remove ... : Originally Posted by Gardenmaster Just a couple things on your list above: The chlorophyll will not move from the leaves to the buds, so you can remove ...
White hairs striaght from newly cracked seedlings?
... same thing. It's just a piece of the leaf that has no chlorophyll in it. Not some kind of super weed, it looks cool, but it ... . Or You have a slight variation in that seed that may be manipulating chlorophyll activity or a type of mosaic, disease, anything. It's probably too young ...
I dont get it! (LED spectrum)
... for growing why does CRI matter if the LED is trying to match chlorophyll? Lumens are part of the visual spectrum so why does it matter at ... would you need more lumens or higher CRI if the PAR absorption and chlorophyll are the maximum amount the plant can possibly take in? Seems like lots ...
GrapeStreet Frost Hash
... point of the process. The freezing and decanting removes the ISO containing the chlorophyl and waxes, and leaves behind the resin. Quote: Originally Posted by Sam87 ... time than a QWISO of fresh buds. 2) Yes. Removing the waxs and chlorophylls that remain bound to the alcohol is the essence of this experiment. 3 ...

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