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Sensizyme VS Hygrozyme? - The Garden's Cure
... scent of the Flora Shield and the Hygrozyme, the Flora Shield has an almost bleach like scent where as the Hygrozyme smells like some kind of syrup. That ... ( or cheaper ) ah, I would guess you have zero experience with Hygrozyme by that comment. 6ml hygrozyme per gallon and I have never had an issue. The suggested ...
Foliar Feeding Hygrozyme? - The Garden's Cure
... bacteria, bacillus is what I'm after, and Hygrozyme has nothing living inside, it's a synthetic enzyme. Will Hygrozyme work just as well as Hydroguard by Botanicaire to colonize the plant foliage itself? I already have Hygrozyme and would like to get around purchasing anything else. It says it does ...
Hygrozyme - The Garden's Cure
... experiment with two side by side grows of lettuce.The ones with the hygrozyme were way ahead after a week.He even had pics.I just bought ... process and detrimental bacteria is allowed into the bottle. Again,apparently;Hygrozyme is produced using extremly sterile and advanced production processes,which prevents ...
Hygrozyme? Any good?
Hygrozyme? Any good? My hydro shop gave me a bottle, anyone have any experience ...
vitalink bio pac + Hygrozyme - THCfarmer
vitalink bio pac + Hygrozyme - THCfarmer Hi, can anyone advise me on this? Basically I have some seedlings ... the next few waterings. Something like 8-10ml Biopac, 8ml rhizo, 8 ml hygrozyme. Also recommendations on what size to put up into. I have some 2ltr ...
Sensi Zyme instead of Hygrozyme in MPB's? - THCfarmer
Sensi Zyme instead of Hygrozyme in MPB's? - THCfarmer I just happen to have 2 gallons of SensiZyme ...
Sensi Zyme instead of Hygrozyme in MPB's? - THCfarmer
Sensi Zyme instead of Hygrozyme in MPB's? - Page 2 - THCfarmer any of u guys try running that ...
Hygrozyme for soil/soiless - THCfarmer
... while, but I have some questions: From my understanding of what you posted, Hygrozyme essentially makes nutrients more available by carrying out some of the same processes ...
Hygrozyme is crap! - THCfarmer
... first??? I'd use voodoo or Hombult roots if hygrozyme wasnt avail? LOL sorry to hear that but hygrozyme in my experience is the shit ill never grow ... works in dwc though. Never had foaming issues before. must be your nute/hygrozyme combo. works great with pure blend and exceptionally clean with synthetics. It is ...
Hygrozyme is crap! - THCfarmer
... you Arrrrg Nightmare, any good substitutes? sorry for the rant I am frustrated hygrozyme could just be making the reaction happen quicker... could be something else in ...

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