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Lollipop, G13 haze, Ogk, and Romulan - THCfarmer
... into flower small since I was clearing out the room for summer. I'm currently flowering under a 400. The lollipop just finished up her 3rd week in flower, the others have been in almost 2 weeks. G13 Romulan OG Kush Lollipop Everyone tucked into bed Lookin good muxee! I've been wanting to get my hands on some Romulan for awhile ...
How to make lollipops - THCfarmer
How to make lollipops - Page 7 - THCfarmer Does anyone know how many lollipops this recipe makes ? lol great post definitely going to try this. thank you, going to make these this weekend Aww ...
Topping and lollipopping question. - THCfarmer
... penatraion with out sending the plant signals to do what you dont want them to do STRETCH When the lollipoppers lollipop (LOL) they cut during veg and they trim side branches at the flip and at day 20 or something or ... on it. I know they do not top after the flip though. I suppose you could try for 4 foot lollipops like those 4 foot sugar daddy suckers they used to sell at holidays and on the boardwalk in the 60 ...
Strain Recommendations for lollipop sog - THCfarmer
... - THCfarmer Hey Farmers, I run a perpetual harvest sog op, 4 trays, 2 weeks each, and each plant is lollipopped till the cola. I'm looking for a new strain to run, and was hoping for some experienced recommendations, especially ...
How to make lollipops - THCfarmer
... an aunt named lolli pop and i am on this soon. She will be very pleased with me and my lollipops. That's awesome but have you ever considered making them into lozenges instead of lolli-pops? Less attraction for the ...
Making THC Lollipops-Need help!!
... and as a first ever attempt they turned out great. I am planning to try and make some hard candies, lollipops and a couple jolly ranchers, but every recipe ive read is different so I'm not sure which one to ... a substitute, does anyone know a good recipe including how much oil to make and add and also how many lollipops the recipe will make? I'm planning on using between 7 - 10 grams of very good bud in the oil
Sticky Lickies (Cannabis Lollipops)
Sticky Lickies (Cannabis Lollipops) - Forums Made some cannapops (im calling them sticky lickies).... Turned out with a sweet chronic taste that was ... about 5 minutes then scoop with a large tablespoon 2 scoops per pop onto the wax paper/baking sheet. Place lollipop stick and turn it to be sure it is fully covered. Let cool. Dust with powdered sugar to keep from ...
Safe to mail lollipops with THC?
Safe to mail lollipops with THC? - Page 2 - Forums I mailed chocolate to a bud in FL for christmas last year. Wrapped ... the wrapper on it that said medical mj and everything. No problems at all. I wouldnt be worried about the lollipop if you can barely smell it you should be fine. Plus easter is coming up soo you could make it ...
Safe to mail lollipops with THC?
... fine Looks like a blow pop. Absolutely no smell, only a bit of a taste apparently. Smells like your typical lollipop. No writing on the pops (if they were, i'd have him take them out of the wrappers and just ... a lil paranoid though when it comes to these things. buy a bucket of lollipops and mix them in...No one will waste there time sorting out lollipops they don't have drug dogs sniffing packages bro. my friends dad has been ...
lollipoping ur plants
... results x2!!! One week 12/12 ~Time to lollipop. I use this technique often. so you top it and then lollipop it? nice pics Quote: Originally Posted by irishboy so you top it and then lollipop it? nice pics Yep. Thanks ib. first ... , I guess i kind of discounted it because that grow isn't lollipopped. nice lookin bushes tho Ya it's not lollipopped like you're talkin about, but I consider it lollipopping cuz it's still cutting off the lower growth. And " ...

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