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Nirvana Medusa. Any info? mine is fussy...
... issue with nute burn at first too but it never got stunted as bad as the medusa and now is biggest plant so far. the medusa is the most pathetic, and i cant seem to keep it happy. it has shallow roots ... 2.5 weeks younger... in fact they're only about a week old and still they are bigger than medusa... thats bullshit. medusa is officially the hardest to grow strain ive came across at this point. i recommend chrystal or white castle ...
Nirvana's seeds "medusa" thinking about purchasing
... it's looking now it will be about 11 weeks out. Too long for me. The plants keep producing "Medusa" dreadlocks Good high but not great. A little heavy/body high. Tangy after taste. Some phenotypes have a sweet ... haven't tried it. It's a fuckin freak of nature! Check out this pic I just took of a Medusa bud at almost 9 weeks into flower. Attached Images medusa.jpg‎ (73.3 KB, 47 views)
nirvana medusa
... read nervanas info on it but im sure thay would say its shity i tryed some my friend said was medusa but i buy a bag that smells fruity and say its bubble berry you know i was just trying to ... u know what i will just grow it ill let everyone know how it turns out cool, i've got medusa on my wishlist but i haven't seen it featured in a grow thread. let us know how it turns ...
DWC/Medusa: Hows she looking
... DWC grows thought of my grow. Attached Images Medusa-062.jpg‎ (82.0 KB, 19 views) Medusa-063.jpg‎ (85.5 KB, 15 views) Medusa-064.jpg‎ (71.5 KB, 13 views) Medusa-065.jpg‎ (71.1 KB, 11 views ...
CFL/HPS DWC Medusa Grow
... .jpg‎ (39.3 KB, 41 views) 26.jpg‎ (24.9 KB, 25 views) Yo I am growing some medusa too. I was like 5 weeks into veg (under flouros and cfls) and she showed her sex. My girl has ... leaves and stalks. Good choice of strain and good luck on your grow. Thanks man. I have been saving the medusa seeds for a while now. My first two attempts = failed. The first attempt was me noobing it up, and killing ...
Medusa (Nirvana) DWC
... Day 12 pH: 5.4 5.9 Attached Images medusa-011 copy2.jpg‎ (59.7 KB, 15 views) Just ... started the first tie down for the LST, and it is almost time to tie her down again. Attached Images medusa-013.jpg‎ (44.4 KB, 22 views) medusa-014.jpg‎ (55.5 KB, 26 views)
Medusa (Nirvana) DWC
Medusa (Nirvana) DWC - Page 3 Update pH: 5.5 - 5.9 Temps: 71-89f LST: 2 tie downs. 22 Days Old ... strong guys. I am attempting to get some clones rooted before I flower since this is my only seed of medusa I have left. So I think I might have this plant in veg mode for a few more weeks at ...
Medusa (Nirvana) DWC
Medusa (Nirvana) DWC - Page 4 Look's great buddy!!!! Are u still using the fox farm? Originally Posted by trouble9039 Look' ...
Medusa (Nirvana) DWC
... 6.0 No nutes yet. Temps: 70 - 72 Attached Images medusa-006.jpg‎ (70.9 KB, 24 views) medusa-005.jpg‎ (58.2 KB, 25 views) A ...
... part of the plant, can be cooler, as long as the roots are the right temp. i ordered some feminised medusa seeds from nirvana last week. They havent arrived yet so i emailed them but they said my order was delayed ... look in the GROWFAQ theres lots of answers in the GROW faq. Good luck with your grow. alright man. My medusa seeds arrived today! finally. thought they were never going to come. Ill be planting them later on tonight. Im not ...

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