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Aussie Growers Thread
... someone can help ....thanks in advance. hey man, i'm from nimbin too! Skunks great in the northern rivers, especially if you plant ...
... As well as azadirachtin, other liminoid compounds present in natural neem oil (nimbin, salanin, gedunin, azadirone, melandriol and more) play a significant collaborative role ...
Sunlight VS CFLs - What is it gonna be ?
... sneaking in. TASTE : NICE ! I haven't smoked organic since summer 2008 in Nimbin, Australia (Yall gotta check this city out if you go over there C ...
SeedFinder - Cannabis-Strains from Sagarmatha Seeds
... 1999 San Francisco Bay Area Growers Award., 2002 First Prize at Nimbin Mardi Gras Festival in Au... Cal Train Wreck ...
Bubbleberry (by Sagarmatha Seeds) :: SeedFinder :: Strain Info
... Seeds - Bubbleberry 1999 San Francisco Bay Area Growers Award.2002 First Prize at Nimbin Mardi Gras Festival in Australia, grown by Beanmeister Bros.Bubbleberry has been one ...
Upcoming Marijuana March Reaches Goal Of 300 Cities Worldwide - Stoner Forums
... Montrose Moscow Nashville Nelson Netanya Newark New Brunswick New Orleans New York Nimbin Nottingham Odessa Ogden Oklahoma City Olympia Omaha Orange Orlando Osaka Oslo Ottawa ...
Score around the world using our Grassport Ganja Guide - 420 Magazine
... , a prime place to buy cannabis is in the Nimbin-Byron Bay area of New South Wales. Nimbin is home of the legendary Mardi Grass harvest festival held ... . In Byron Bay, which is a youth-oriented beach town near Nimbin, hippie street dealers sell Nimbin cannabis on the cliffs and promenade overlooking the beach. If you ...
The urban ecology of Cannabis - 420 Magazine
... Reform, (1994), Paper presented at Beyond Prohibition Conference, April30-May1, 1994. Nimbin. Young, F., Opinion and Recommended Ruling, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law ...
hash block - 420 Magazine
... me up . Dont really know what type it is but got it from nimbin at chrissy and is very nice taste compared to the usual shit they ...
Hemp: The Farming Of The Future - 420 Magazine
... town of Ashford who had seen some examples of hemp masonry in the Nimbin Hemp Embassy, and he asked her to come to the community and talk ...

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