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Z's amazing cheap diy grow. how to grow top buds at low cost.
... img=18515) mr bonsai's genitals. g ( ...
Are you getting more than 1 gram per watt? Tell us how!
... be in the mail by now!! OG, CW , Here before he got banned , ***** , UK420, Planet Ganja , Canna Cabana ,*********......MANY others........Bro........There `s not a weedsite ...
What are you smoking right now UK? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... IS the same as the 1 VRG posted in the killerskunk thread on uk420. 2years ago. :confused: chillin in the sun with some nice killer queen :) Smile ... IS the same as the 1 VRG posted in the killerskunk thread on uk420. 2years ago. :confused: yeh i know thought id use a stock photo as ...
2x3meter, 15 plant, 1800watt cheesey scrog
... downsize?? Hope u don't mind.... just showing army green colour Looking ... help with that 'bolting' issue your having with the cola's. Are you saying ...
600w MH bulb?
600w MH bulb? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Does any company make 600w MH bulbs? I want to buy 2 lumatek 600w ballasts and just switch from MH to HPS ...
Blue's.. Uk Clone (Constructive & Structured comments please)
... its own SHOP and also seed trading is fully allowed on the boards , uk420? no thanks never really seen much useful information on there and find it ... your triches, they will tell you when to harvest. Well, cue huge flamewar. uk420 is a clique, not friendly or open to new members or ideas, many ...
Amber or Cloudy??
... /cloudy. This isnt how i understood it. Read this article closely. I've just glossed over it, but doesn't that Uk420 article kinda contradicts itself? "Most people chop when the trichs are mainly ...
This appears to be the scientific arguement against a 24/0 light/dark cycle for veg
... %2F4+100%25. Original discussion was apparently on Overgrow, continued here: ... %2F4+100%25. Original discussion was apparently on Overgrow, continued here: ...
Is this Mg def?
... and no signs of recovery yet... Any advice would be great! cant ... .php?act=attach&type=post&id=364358 direct link: Anybody ...
Plants that smell like cat piss?!?!
... too much.) Another solution that is more reliable is air-layering ( Check it out. It ...

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