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I hate trimming! - The Garden's Cure
I hate trimming! - Page 2 - The Garden's Cure there is that Aardvark Trimmer. Hooks up to your vacuum. $900 I've trimmed 2 dry pounds by ... to trim my plants wet using a trimmer... Drying plants in their entirity is part of my curing process. auto trimmers dont do as good of a job ...
DIY Trimmer - The Garden's Cure
DIY Trimmer - Page 3 - The Garden's Cure I guess it's back to the scissors till the chinese make a cheaper aardvark. Darn I haven't used ... , dry it, and hand it to me on a fuggin HUGE plate The aardvark looks very clog prone, and worse to clean than the Kermith. The " ...
Bud shaperner/trimmer - The Garden's Cure
... on it i.e. name? thanks, GT tumble trimmer be the name. If you shove it ... sorta like mechanized scissors: There is also the Aardvark, which is sorta like a Flobee for growers ...
Anyone purchased an electrical trimmer? - The Garden's Cure
... Hero Electric Cannabis Trimmer Arrrggh! Ok, heres another one,..the "Aardvark". But doesn't seem to be getting to good of reviews. The Aardvark Trimmer Trimming Tool ...
Snagglepuss diy ghetto progress
... you. If you wish to survive, you must trim your buds with this trimmer [Trimmer fires up with a menacing screeching whirr] . When the glass is filled with ... was thinking about buying a flowbee cuz they look so much like the aardvark trimmer. But this post really got me thinking about building something. this was 2 ...
Calling the Big Boys Out Of Hiding!! - Trimmer Machine
... when I have the chance. Do a competition, fastest trimmer, with the best trim. Trimpro vs. rolling thunder vs. aardvark vs ? Which one is used in the Urban ... might be a good other choice. I personally been waiting to buy a aardvark trimmer and give it a try, but this unit is more for personal grows ...
What is a good trimmer?
... Trimbox i think there's one called the aardvark or something that you put onto the ... bar none, calling it the MAD TRIMMER Isn't that a string trimmer? How is that an advantage ...
... need some advise on some good strippers/trimmers, please advise if u used any ... the aardvark hooks up to a vacuum attachment. ...
Lets build a trimmer! We CAN DO THIS!
... trimmers and bud trimmers. Bud trimmers you got off each bud and then trim them, some of these are fully automated. Cola trimmers are the simple trimmers ... the Aardvark? Does ...
Best Electric Trimmer for Groming Buds?
... of the Aardvark, Big Red Shredder, Megatrim, Trimbox, and the Trimpro. It looks dangerous, but I am leaning towards the Trimpro ... should cost no more than 300. Even the aardvark is 600! is there any affordable place to pick up a trimmer? Or a DIY option? yeah they are ...

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