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F1ydave's Under Current Grow 8 Gal x 8 bucket, 4 x 1000w, Cheesus - THCfarmer
... spent around 6k for everything including chiller, and ac... your plants look great by the ... it up Dave BG Day 16, added CO2 Monitor/Controller PPM-3 Day 16, Cheesus ...
4K Original Diesel RDWC Scrog - THCfarmer
... (7-30-10) Quick run down...16 buckets, 4 per light, Co2, 1/4 HP chiller, AC, Dehuey... All the usual suspects. She'll be going 70-75 days ...
4K Original Diesel RDWC Scrog - THCfarmer
... air from ac and chiller, out of the control room? how big the ac Yeah ... Hey blowintrees. How is that fuzzy logic co2 meter working. I have heard they can ...
Big Grow Expertise - THCfarmer
... 24/7 and use a chiller. Plants somewhere between 40" and ... . and prob need more AC depending on where you are ... your rooms. i.e. Co2 burner, Dehumidifier etc. I ...
Hydro newbie - looking for advice - THCfarmer
... room for 8. I don't use CO2. I am using a portable ac unit. This is a low- ... this time - 8^) Married. That 1/4 hp chiller is perfect if you ever wanna upgrade that ...
Trying to Grow in a Hot, Non Insulated Garage.. HELP! - THCfarmer
... of the vents for the room and run co2. The main deal would be like gudkarma said ... insulation. Or you could AC the entire garage. Or use Ice Boxes with a chiller. Or intake/ ...
How is cannabis able to take high temps outdoors in summer, but not indoors? - THCfarmer
... the root temp. But I keep a chiller in my rez, and lots of ... 100 indoors before in a non ac grow. They did not produce as ... ( I run my room @78 with co2 fyi). My question is WHY. ...
Boomer's Ocean Grown 5k watt ScrOG Lab w/ c02 - THCfarmer
... AC. im not a big fan of the ice box chillers. theyre expensive and id rather spend all that cash on the right sized AC ... % RH PPM @ 900 PH @ 5.8 CO2 @ 1500ppm I raised the lights ...
mikegreenthumbs earthbox for flowering perepetual harvest grow - THCfarmer
... house ac kicks on... then drops back down to 78 deg for a little while. Not ideal conditions w/o a chiller for my res and w/o CO2 ... house ac kicks on... then drops back down to 78 deg for a little while. Not ideal conditions w/o a chiller for my res and w/o CO2 ...
Shady’s Natural Selection… Round 4: More Strains & Growing Pains - THCfarmer
... on that UC system? What type of chiller will you be using? What's the ventilation looking like? Window ac size? Nutes? CO2 tank or burner? I take it ... either vented hoods or adjust a wings. Why did you choose the JBL chiller over the others? What vent fans you thinking of using? Will you be ...

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