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Water Cooled HID's? Fresca Sol - THCfarmer
... me. One AC vs. a chiller, pump, ... AC was better. Also, a mini-split ... ac unit so it blends right in. The chiller units look almost identical to ac units because they are ac units ...
Grow Room A/C - THCfarmer
... ac. The condensing (outdoor) unit is connected to two wall mounted units inside. BOTH WALL UNITS ARE IN THE SAME ROOM. We already know one wall unit ... splits sitting ... warranty vs ...
Grow Room A/C - THCfarmer
... year parts warranty vs your 5 ... ac unit on it's side without any damage to the internals of the ac unit itself? I'm looking at a windows unit ... get a mini-split and leave the ...
New Guy HUGE grow!!! - THCfarmer
... I use 5 ton package units and split units for 15-16 lights ... when looking at medical vs. non-medical grows. I' ... and therefore seriously lowers my AC needs. That's efficiency. ...
What atmoshere controller is best? - THCfarmer
... unit (and value for the price). Also OP, you shouldn't run a mini-split ... depending on where (big bear vs the coast), MAY not ... in check. The ac/dehuey unit was kept out of ...
recommend a good portable a/c - THCfarmer
... like stated MOST portable ac's suck. Not as efficient ... . A window unit w 4k of light vs portable with ... the popular choices. Window unit or split. Was not stealth enough ...
Gavita pro 600 / LEP 300 PLASMA test - THCfarmer
... air-cooled reflector vs. open bare bulb ... split no problem, but how weird would it look next to my rental units existing ac condenser. Gotta look normal, and sometimes ac units ...
Indoor plans for new growers
... vs harvest. I ... AC's no dual Hose portable , trying to avoid mini split ... AC unit placed in the flower room where the the temps rise more ( what about smell leakage from the AC ...
krusty Help
... last run due to cold weather), 13kbtu split/type AC unit, 1200ppm CO2 levels,(maintained by Drobots ... sortby=&in=rootball2.jpg&s= vs. Mrb's: ...
Aquaponics Rocks
... 1 foot below the reflecter vs. 1700 for a vertically ... I could do that by splitting up crops/fish and paring ... type AC unit w/ a trickle style bio filter, all in one unit. ...

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