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accidently snapped autoflower branch

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Bubba Kush-BubbleLicious-North.Lights
... her main top was snapped off by accident so her side branches started to grow huge ... Comments? You got an autoflowering NL from the Boo? You got an autoflowering NL from the Boo ...
Sensi Star
... her a bit back but she autoflowered and would not quit so I ... dried. The small side branch I took snapped off easily. I think ... which died in a freak accident in the veg room. I ...
SFV x Chemdog
... serious accident and ... snaps on one side,,,yeah i ran out and just had to tie my whole room up and believe me it really sucked ecspecially if urs branches ... out my autoflower post ...
1st cab grow log, 3xLowRyder2 + 2xWhiteRussianAuto
... drying till stems snap (hanging in a ... hand Cut off branches one at a ... is very compact hinders autoflowering plants roots and stunts them ... you have any accidents in the future.. ...
s60 and mataro blue
... it autoflowers i can only go off my last experience with this breeders autoflowering seeds ... in pretty good when the outter branches start overtaking the main cola which ...
Urainium Cranium....a thread continued.
... Anyhow, I happened to snap some shots. http:// ... say someone gave me autoflowering strains. They aren't ... , by way of accident. I used just ... to the secondaty branches. It can help ...
SOTF420's * Sweet Tooth #4 [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... swallow them. If one accidently snuck through the ... floral development at the branch tips but there ... it's top snapped over early in ... they will full-on autoflower as a survival ...
SOTF420's * Sweet Tooth #4 [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... @! (That was an accident!) https://www. ... As far as possible "autoflowering" traits when ... pic of him snapped over, timmmmmmmmmmmberrrrrrrrrr! ... little side branch next to ...
BeAn's grow diary. 2006! [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... /81711FiestaSeedling3.JPG) Also, I thaught id take advantage of the down-time and snap a few of the cabs set-up with it empty.....on with the ...
GAME's Outdoor Grow 2011 (70+)
... acting like an autoflowering strain. Is this ... have absolutely no branching developed yet as ... flower mode. Snapped a few shots ... well. bad news. in bad accident and nearly had ...

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