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90w led ufo tri-ban grow
... your plant is responding to nutes, temps, light, humidity, foliar spray... ON A DAILY BASIS!, ... for carotenoids. 430 is best achieved with actinic fluorescent. I'm using a 20, ...
Color vs Watts
... into my first grow using CFL lights and one 48" shop light with 2 40 watt fluorescent ... go to a local pet store and buy the 'Actinic' bulbs.. at 48'' they're 54W which ...
LED growers come here! (please)
... good was that i was using two 24" blue actinic fishtank tubes for side lighting. those lights made alot of artificial pigments floresce so i'm guessing that ... like the ide of flouros because you can get pink beauty lights for flowering and blue actinic or even white UV tubes for growth and THC production. at ...
help this newbie grower!!
... a pic but my web camera is actin up.. theres a new sprout today and ... is that true? that plant is streaching for light. what light is it under? a desk lamp. ...
Dwc Grow Club
... creates these seasons naturally. Its been scientificaly proven that plants use mostly blue light spectrum (actinic ) to be exact,found in alot of m/h bulbs during early ...
LED Without LEDs -My First T5 Grow
... right now under 430 watts t5. Don't get to close to the light. They like it just fine. I got to say that all my plants ...
Woot! LED section! - Post your pics guys and gals, show off your LED babies!!
... . I replaced 10,000K full spectrum with actinic blue. 450 nm blue added.jpg In my ... as well as low down, multi direction light source's really light these up. This is a good ...
LED Grow
... above plant. Attachment 2026397 The HydroGrowLED Technology lights have 740 nm red, but nothing shorter than 440 nm blue. The actinic HID fixes the blue. Nature has UVB ... specific type of light is not my game either. The HydroGrowLED Technology lights have 740 nm red, but nothing shorter than 440 nm blue. The actinic HID fixes the ...
Club T5
... the inverse square effect you could keep light at same close distance for the entire ... that 20k and above are basically your actinics but still a triband phosphor like the ...
All CFL grow - week 8, how they lookin' ?
... to be safe I also made my daily light adjustments and plant rotations (my babies like a lot of light changes)! I decided to add to my little ... fish tank light ~ it's 3 ft long and has 1- 54w 10kk and 1- 54w actinic 03 (whatever that is).... it also has 8 little led lights (it ...

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