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2 Weeks flowering yellow/brown/etc.
... . It takes % ca and net weight of the bottle to give ... 5 ph water i have not added any dolomite lime i transplanted ... TON! Pics are day 16 of flower I waited until girls were mostly ...
day 32 of flower, how do the look?
... until much later during the flowering period unless they were ... in hindsight I definitely shoulda added some perlite to help ... 25870IMG_0028.JPG) So my final weight (dry) was 21.5 ...
Day 30 Flowering - On Track or On Crack?
... the crack. Estimating weight isn't really ... nothing other than adding heat at that ... flowering stems other than to remove the flowered stem entirely (first few stems had flowering ...
flowering with MH for a more complex high
... flowering, in places like Afghanistan at the end of flowering, ... smoked and not the biggest weight per watt. Finally HPI ... in veg for some added leaf matter and possible vigor ...
how to emprove weight on a yeild
... adding controlled co2 at 1500PPM and 85 degrees F at 50 watts sq ft or better to increase final weight ... /cha ching/get the power flower agent/supernatural ripening agent/ are ...
what is the area i can properly flower with a 1000 wt on a six foot track
... buckets about 3 1/2 wks into flowering ill post pics when the lights turn ... overlap. About your crop yield, just imagine adding a second 1000 and move the ... 2/3's of that weight ...
Progressive rust/yellow few weeks into flower
... size ive reduced ferts ive added ferts changed ferts i ... flowering. its not that late... in my exp its too early to start dropping/yellowing they havent even started their weight ...
AG's Flower Room
... else. this is the first plant i added into the flowering room. i have no idea why she ... my man! Great job dude cant weight to see the final weight! I love it dude amazing. ...
Adding more lights in the last 2 weeks of flower?
Adding more lights in the last 2 weeks of flower? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Does anyone know if adding more lights in the final stage of flowers ... dont think adding more light at the last 2 weeks will improve weight by a whole lot but i think adding more light at the begining of flowering will reward ...
serious seed chronic in flower.
... left in veg .need a bigger flower room.but one is at ... i did cheat and have been adding tiger bloom at a weak ... is looking to give off more weight then the first plant .the first ...

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