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AeroJunkie's High Pressure Air-Assisted Hydro-Atomized Aeroponic System (HPAAHAAS)
... nutrient solutions (ideally nutrient solutions should remain below 65 - 75 F) for most warm season, high ... enough oxygen (in advanced gardens, most ... 0.0014% (14 PPM or 14 mglL) ...
Advanced Stealth Hydro Bubbeponics Thread
Advanced Stealth ... in flower sometimes. Had it as high as 1500 ppm which is about 3.0 ec. ... the "perfect" pH mix of nutrients and supplements to my tap water resulting ...
Sensi Grow Part A & B
... I raise the PPM's according to the calculator or keep them low? That is indeed way too high. Advanced nutrients base products such ...
The Great T5 Adventure!!!!
... nutrient solution: advanced nutrients grow-micro-bloom (1-1-1), plus Thrive Alive (which is a root booster/b1 supplement). I'm hoping that this new nutrient ... ppm ... Up high .. ...
DWC Hydro-Organic, an adventure with Earth Juice
... use a good, high quality container ... And despite being Advanced Nutrients, their pH ... nutrient solution (mixture can be found on bottle) have an EC reading of about 700 PPM ...
Nutrient Soup
... Advanced Nutes also ... did well, with yields as high as ever and easy to ... Soil Bloom. sittin at 1300 ppm and i hope they ... It's a good, aggressive chemical nutrient, if you can get ...
Lack of Potency
... Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom are some of the best nutrients on the hydroponic market. Advanced Nutrient Connoisseur If you want amazing yields and high ...
Nutrient profile of Cannabis for Hydro
... static ppm range ( ... nutrient solution mix. A safety margin for TDS measurements can be built-in to the original mix by mixing the solution nearer to the high ... requires advanced ...
COCO PEEPS! the best coco nutrient range? any secret recipes?
... nutrient range? any secret recipes? ... high doses and I go through gallons pretty quickly. I would like to try Sweet Leaf from Advanced ... . usually in the 800's ppm. i run a ph of 5 ...
For all new growers with questions... Tons of information and answers..
... getting 2 part nutrient systems you dont have ... general hydroponics, fox farms, advanced nutes (not carried by them ... it.. which means a high ppm (parts per million)... ...

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