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champagne & Afgoo - THCfarmer
... better look at the plants. I love the smell of the Afgoo, (like pineapple) and would like to run this strain again. Looks like we are running the same cut of Afgoo...LOVE IT! Frosty as hell and it really does smell just ... cut tastes as good as it smells it will be in my garden forever. FJ I have the afgoo as well, such a dank strain. My hommie also said it smelled like pineapple haha. Everyone who smears they are a kush lover ...
Michigan... Strains,pics,and whatever!!! - THCfarmer
... - THCfarmer what up raw, sup with all the different mid strain you got running? you ever gonna grow some dank ooooor what buddy? shit came out ... SMF brining that fire as always. i hope to drop some nug porn of some afgoo in a few weeks and i hope it's everything i expect! Damn smf ...
GDP is a Garbage Strain....IMO - THCfarmer
... favorites to smoke. I think you may have a bad cut my friend. agreed tobar, i always thought the purple strains were pretty much over rated, they never got me high as the old killers... but they sure are perty lol ... way down, No fluff and frosty as hell. Purple cash croppers dream...... purple afgoo was fire..but yea i haven't heard many good things about the purp strains..only from those who like the purple..and the really official kens cut..
Day Day 35, 3K Med, Mendo Afgoo, XJ13, Kryptonite - THCfarmer
... 3x 1K Hortilux, Air cooled on a Lightrail 5 mover. Canna Aqua nutes, Bato Buckets (As Always) Most strains are from Oaksterdam: Mendo Afgoo, Odyssey, XJ13, Green Cush , Kryptonite, Kushage, plus I have a "Madman" with no info on the ...
What is Mendo Afgoo??
... clones i have the are Mendo Afgoo can someone help out with the lineage info on these??? Aka afgooey. Good stuff. I've heard it's a Hawaiian haze x affi cross, very good outdoor strain. if its the afgooey i had ... weeks Bouquet = Sweet, Fruity & Earthy Environment = Indoor/Outdoor Plant Height = Medium but what is goo??? is that afgooey?? Mendo Afgoo is just Afghooey. I grew it here in Mendocino for 2 outdoor seasons. Produces well outside and gets very frosty ...
Lucas GH2part vs Maxibloom (Afgoo 1600w)
... Grat3fulH3ad. This is basically just to keep a record for my own info but certainly hope it helps others! The strain - Afgoo (clones from bpg)20 total The medium - str8 coco in cups for now but 2 gal bags Feeding: Lucas formula ... did a google on afgoo strain a few weeks back and had come across some pictures of exactly whats happening to mine... ...
most pine smelling/tasting strain?
... chest but never harsh. Super piney and expansive, you youngins don't know what you're missin. Hands down best strain of the modern era. NL hands down pure pine sol I wish I could find snowcap :( Angry Are you after ... the Indica. The Sativa side is more Thai, and it has a Putrid Sassparilla{sp] Smell that I detest, personally! Afgoo strain.. and really frosty and sticky old school bullrider i always thought had the most zesty pine smell/taste The Wappa ...
Second grow attempt: 7 strains about fifty plants
... seems tonight is joint night... Golden goat and tangerine haze on the outside and afgoo haze hash joint in the middle it's gonna be good night!! That sounds ... I got it from a master grower in Denver he has some really amazing strains. I'm gonna be going back to him for more strains with in ...
outdoor growing in Bay Area, best strains
... best strains - Forums hey all, i've just finished another succesful outdoor grow here in the ... i need to stop trying to force indoor girls outdoors. my purp diesel, mental floss, mendo afgoo all did great, very little pm issues. others, headband. white widow, chem4 all took a ...
What strains have the weakest smell while growing?
... does indoors. I grow northern lights and it stinks i dont knoe of any strains that really smell less then another although im sure there is some ur ... all, and I grew a "clone only" called Afgoo, that also had no smell. The Afgoo was worth it, the durban sucked, but i thin kit was ...

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