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Black Oil Finger Hash Using Rubbing Alcohol.
... alcohol evaporates completely so you're best using 99% rubbing. It's totally safe as long as you let it all evaporate. Hash oil is also known as honey oil ...
... hour ... oil anymore youl get hash 3 theres silkscreening or a bog ( basically like silkscreening but you shake it cos its in a box lol ) guide to make hashish 4 or use alcohol ...
I'm thinking of makin oil from my trimings after harvest need advice :)
... odd feeling for hours and hours. Next ... alcohol. It's also a fire-hazard. Fitting the butane... Making oil with alcohol ... oil in a 1:3 oil/bubble hash concoction called Jelly Hash ...
Making Canna-Oil Using Moonshine,
... Oil Using Moonshine, - Page 2 I just made a batch of hash using everclear instead of rubbing alcohol ...
Alcohol Tincture
... oil {tincture}?" Kief from your grinder or from hash making, an alcohol extraction , Isopropyl alcohol ...
Alcohol Tincture
Alcohol Tincture - Page 25 Originally Posted by tinyTURTLE dont use weed. ice extract the hash ... hour ... oil, or alcohol ...
Dissolving with alcohol
... oil. Okay so I did this with 91% alcohol ... alcohol. The liquid evaporated in approximately 12 hours (on ... look like hash/kief powder ...
Zozo make bubble hash & ISO oil « The Hash maker « OpenGrow
... hours (one two no need more) take it out and pour the alcohol ... iso or buthane oil. The reason why your oil is not ... you like some very strong hash then alcohol is the way. NOW .. ...
Small scale bubblehash experiment advice welcome - Stoner Forums
... hash from kief, without using the bags. basically he said to 1) put kief in freezer 1 hour ... . You could also get some 90% Isopropyl Alcohol and pull the THC out with that. ...
Isomerization - Stoner Forums
... isomers, or "isomerization". A simplified process: In glass, dissolve the oil in alcohol. A metal container will not work, as the acid will react with it ...

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