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Killing Microbial Life - THCfarmer
... aloe vera extract and yucca extract are recommend, specifically, as the best agents for growing out the fungi hyphae. There a slew of reasons to use both/either aloe vera ...
My power organic mix - THCfarmer
... do pro tekt and neem oil sprays. 2x per week. I also do aloe vera juice, kelp extract and fulvic acid foliars too. Word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And kudos to mrbong ...
neem seed meal and fungus gnats - THCfarmer
... you dogs and cats perhaps. If you want you can also use organic aloe vera juice and I add 1.5 ounces (3 tablespoons) to each gallon of ... and certainly inexpensive enough. It's organic and has NO preservatives. 90% of aloe vera products do use one of the following or all of them: sodium benzoate ...
Organic Soil Mix - THCfarmer
... microbe food. Add nutrients as necessary via top dress. My waterings consist of: aloe vera juice molasses fish hydrolysate kelp extract alfalfa meal, kelp meal and neem seed ...
Question about veganics - THCfarmer
... 'm not happy with it. I use two kelps. Hygrozyme. Ask UP about Aloe Vera Juice and Yucca Juice. Two very cool veganic products Ps. How could I ...
The real magical additive, Ascophyllum Nodosum - THCfarmer
... find this familiar. another good thing i'd like to add is using Aloe Vera. It works as a foliar spreader and would work amazing with AN due ...
The real magical additive, Ascophyllum Nodosum - THCfarmer
... is using Aloe Vera. It works as a foliar spreader and would work amazing with AN due to the vitamin content. Oh. Liquid Karma From Botanicare has Aloe in ...
Soil Beds - THCfarmer
... to ferment down to 2.8 pH. Oh yeah - 60 lbs. of fresh aloe vera leaves from a local wholesale produce house that I used to work for ... 're called in the trade. Pretty inexpensive from my perspective. Hint: take an aloe vera leave and extract the gel. Get about 2 tablespoons worth. Add 1/32 ...
bottled nutrients - THCfarmer
... strength aloe vera gel. Same with the other products, i.e. 1 part of 100XX aloe vera powder with 99 parts of water gives you 100 units of pure aloe vera. These ... some videos explaining how to extract the gel from the aloe vera leaves. If I were able to grow aloe vera in my part of the world I certainly would ...
bottled nutrients - THCfarmer
... natural plant materials containing saponins is the relationship with mycorrhizal fungi . Aloe vera extracts also contain a number of amino acids: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine ... Yucca root powder and/or Yucca extract liquid from the leaves, alfalfa and aloe vera. When using an agent for it's saponin content when applying a neem ...

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