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ready? pistils are changing color, but also getting bud rot
... bud still growing, eta on ready? i dont see any amber ...
Trichome Color is a Waste of Time
... bud growth,buds will exibit a 2nd growth spurt at the end of their cycle,once i see new calyx & fresh pistils forming on buds ...
... on the buds. I am going to be stubborn and give it two more weeks as I have originally intended but I definitely see the amber tint on ... full of hairs, looked decent on the plant ...
Ok so pretty sure it's GETTING to be around that harvest time... need advice.
... amber, half milky? Are you speaking of the trichomes themselves in all or are you speaking of the hair in itself? Or a combo of both? Milky trichomea/amber hairs ...
DJ Short Blueberry 56 days from 12/12 - How much longer?
... . Hairs are probably half orange half white. Trichs are still mainly milky white, with a few amber trichs on the buds. Trichs on the leaves are smaller than those on the buds ...
How much longer?
... will turn a cloudy color and then amber.. depending on what kind of high you prefer will tell ... .. all of those hairs that you see, they will recede back into the bud when it ...
Cloudy trichs (which i want) but stil loads of white hairs? I want to cut it! PIKS
... amber but don't keep any triches clear. Yeah dude, chop away. Forget about the hairs ... Please carry on ... bud endlessly. When some hairs ...
Club 600
... coming out.. a few thick indica buds..a few tall skinny sativa buds.. and some of the 50 ... are not a lot of red hairs on some, I am seeing amber trichs already. One of these is ...
Lemon Cake?
... the trichromes go amber it can ... hairs on the flowers are orange red rather than the more yellowish hairs on the lc. The structure of the bud is not as compact the way the buds ...
4 weeks into budding PICS, how do they look? Any info greatly appreciated (PICS)
... one cola that the hairs are a bright pink/red ... on how they look. Thanks a lot guys. Any input on ... for milky and amber appearance. Be patient ... but the actual bud. Looks like a ...

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