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The real dope on Aspirin to make seeds
... quick recovery from any stress nothin to do with seeds. just helps em stay healthy I will chalk up Aspirin = seeds to just another chapter of Bullsh*t. Later ...
how do they make feminized seeds?
... I buy a pack of regular seeds from any number of seed banks. Then I place each package ... also.The ol birth control pill in water, aspirin and many other crap like that is old ...
How to produce feminized seeds
... High Times and a grower wrote in claiming he could make fem seeds by mixing 2 aspirin tablets in a gallon of water and watering a female flowering ... good enough seed to sell as feminized. but the seed banks dont use majic to make their seeds you can make them at home. most people buy seeds to skip ...
Feminized Seeds - The proccess of making them! must read
... . There are a number of other ways to create feminized seed. These include using chemicals such as aspirin and hormones such as gibberellic acid. However, it is easier ...
Cloning From Feminized Seeds - Is It Possible, Difficult or Impossible?
... make some seeds. Making the seed is no problem -- pollen plus pistils = seeds. what i ... anymore).. Old school grow guides mentioned aspirin but that book was old 20 ...
Seed Production. A Tutorial
... a solution of ground up aspirin (2 tablets per gallon) sprayed on ... seeds" thread. i don't use feminized seeds. i don't make feminized seeds. i don't like feminized seeds ...
aspirin Check this articale ... plant will cause it to germinate %100 female seeds... This theory sounds a little ludichris but ...
Feminized seeds
Feminized seeds Hey yo I heard that by adding aspirin to the water of a male plant it will then produce all female ... buying fem seeds, but i am happy to make my own. Also heard if you add aspirin to a female plant it turns Hermi AND makes female seeds. If ...
Seed Storage
... Storage Sub I was wondering if you had any particular method for storing seeds? I just ordered Apollo 13 BX, Jillybean, and Querkle (finally, thank you sub ... found in aspirin bottles and vacuum it with the seeds. If you want to store in the refrigerator it's OK just remember to let the seed come to ...
Fem seeds YES
... have found a new way to make feminized seeds. Feminized seeds occur as a result of stress, ... vine that if u crush up 2 aspirin tablets per gallon of water (or some combination ...

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