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First Time Growers Diary - Wilma 8 Pot - Stoner Forums
... Wilma 8 pot? A hydro setup? Quote: Originally Posted by JustAnotherHead What is a Wilma 8 pot? A hydro setup? Yep. The Atami Wilma 8 pot ...
atami wilma hydro - 420 Magazine
atami wilma hydro - 420 Magazine hi all im new to growing in hydro most of my experience is from doing soil grows i bought an atami wilma 4 pot ...
wilma system
... Atami Wilma 10 Pot Hydroponics Systems The Atami Wilma ... Wilma kits available offer pot based dripper systems with sizes ranging from 8 pots to 20 pots ... set up yield 36 onces ...
2x 600w HPS 20 Pot Wilma WHAT YIELD?
... Pot Wilma WHAT YIELD? Hello Just ordered two cool tube 600w HPS and a 20 pot atami wilma ...
mapito media - THCfarmer
... new wilma 8 pot system can anyone tell me ... , and choose for Mapito by Atami. If the substrate is no ... significantly less moisture and subsequently yield it to the plants. All ...
What size pots do YOU grow in? (coco growers only)
... pots. I've also heard that no matter what the conditions are, a root bound plant will yield less. So lets see some numbers! I like these 8" pots ... pots (atami wilma 4 pot ...
32 pot wilma
... pot wilmas but i am using 16 11ltr pots ... piranaha .1g/ltr ph5.8-6 ec .6 ... take root & explode atami wilma feed bloombastic and ... base nutrient feed yielded 12oz on one ...
Go on the irish
... atami wilma in particular Yes whats up,is it an 8 or a 10 site? :joint: I have a ten pot ... the flowering room? Theres no subject of yield or potency as these are both for ...
Question for the Canna Coco A/B users
... amounts. When it says "8-12" that's ... over .5sqm on its own. Atami wilma 10 pot recirculating, canna coco. I ... the first run but the yield was lacking compared to soil ( ...
Who out there changes their res every week?
... ? I use An nutes/additives. Atami wilma 10 pot, 70ltrs recirculating. Canna A+ ... to EC 1.6ish / 5.8 ph in RO water. Same ... formula w/ PBP + misc organics. Yielded like the top 1/3 ...

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