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Attitude Summer Promo
... first summer growing autos. I recently started some Bomb Seeds Auto Bomb, so ... 0.00 Product: FREE Dinafem Seeds Original Amnesia Feminized Quantity: 1 Product Code: JUNE PROMO ...
What ya smokin' tonight????
... Connie Chung Feminized 2x Dinafem Seeds Original Amnesia Feminized 41 seeds for about $130 Love ... you spoke of. You know me and Autos. Bowl after bowl with my girl of ...
White Dwarf grow !
... got a 400w hps for my next grow. auto ak up next!!! anyways pictures! hey ndcharlie, fuck ... White Widow, one Strawberry Cough, and 2 Lemon Amnesia Haze's) and I'm going to add ...
White Dwarf grow !
... , which isn't really my thing. Barney's Amnesia Lemon is next though My crappy journal should ... see how easy auto's really are before I invest in like, 20 auto ak seeds...but i ...
UK growers thread! check for the strains! too many ta list!
... still get scarce sometime though! I got some amnesia haze at the moment. Sticky as anything ... seedbank which is Blueberry crossed with an auto Nepalese kush with a bit of NYC ...
UK growers thread! check for the strains! too many ta list!
... entire grow (lights wont need to be changed for the auto's) from the grows iv had sleep time is ... cuppa tea, sausage n bacon sandwich, and a bit of amnesia haze to wake me ...
Pure Perlite Experimental Grow w/ Hempy Buckets
... seeds germin, right now .... 2 Short Term Amnesia seeds, and 3 AK47 seeds. I ... Originally Posted by Chickadie okay -- confirmed, both males. auto seeds are germin... but i don' ...
**No time for a Journal? Update here.. Any skill level welcome**
... on the bottom. the last 3 are autos. Im pretty stoked. so far this month: OG Kush ... and vegged longer before they flower... amnesia haze i cracked has triple leaf sets ...
Interested in multi city single strain grow??
... to join? that or amnesia haze...cant make up my mind Amnesia!!! I'm in week ... is..afgan kush ryder...matero blue.....couple autos...couple more kush..the usual mutts... ...
Interested in multi city single strain grow??
... . life is good...the cattle are breedin' Amnesia haze drying since monday lol. Not as ... Blut, I've had some success with autos, so if you need any help or ...

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