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Iranian auto Flower - THCfarmer
... flower under 18/6. Im sure i mentioned above that this plant is under 24/0 light cycle and I hope wont go into flowering ...
Iranian auto Flower - THCfarmer
... auto Flower - Page 3 - THCfarmer I should be getting 4X 26w daylight cfls on it and keep it as a mother under 24 hours of light ...
8/16 light cycle - THCfarmer
... auto flowering strain mixed in there somewhere; no? Yes you have to manually adjust liights secondly it can flower ...
Auto flowering and different genetics - THCfarmer
... 12/12 but love a lot more light hours- there auto flowering, there going to flower no matter what cycle- i always run auto strains 20-4 start to finish in 3 ...
aero garden auto grow and auto fem
... to lighting cycles whatever autos flower on their own so imo you should use a 20/4 light cycle.. 20 on 4 off. most seed companies recommend that for autos. second ...
1st Hydro Grow: Blue Mystic Autos
... sign of auto-flowering. Bloom nutrients in the tank for two weeks, and lights at 16/8. Nodes are still tight, growth good. We will be dropping the light cycle down ...
12-1 light scedule try it, it works
... talking about autos or photoperiod plants? Quote: No autos at all grown from seed grown in this light cycle grew 6 plants 3-4 ozs off each plant flowered in about ...
blueberry autoflower light and nute question
... auto flower when should i switch my lights from the veg spectrum to the flower spectrum ? or do i just grow with the flower lights ...
auto or not?
... auto seeds, i think fast bud, in about 3-4 weeks. Then I'm going to white widow and northern lights non auto flowering ...
Couple Questions About Light For Auto Flowers
... auto flowers at a time, Sweet Seeds Big Devil to be exact. I have a 400 watt HPS light right now. Will 18/6 hours be good? And the lighting ... light cycle as I don't grow autos ...

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