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Guerilla Grow in the Canadian Wilderness 2011
... hoping some plants decide to auto while others finish in ... wont be getting any one pounders this year. Unlike the ... to make the grow site look like a grow site! Update.. Spot ...
GAME's Outdoor Grow 2011 (70+)
... have going for me is that my plants are autos and are almost done. If I had long ... all I got, see the rest of my grow , hahaha. I got pounders out there ! hey game i am so ...
8K Grow Room Construction
... This grow and all grows from now on I'm vegging to 30 inches and flowering "quarter pounders ... 6. I can set the temp. fan speed, auto cool/heat for each timer. Finally the ...
Gunnar's outdoor grow 07 - late danish grow
... for the later indoor grow. Im gonna grow seeds from them and ... Her neighbor a Flemish giant 13 pounder doe decided for a more ... skunkmix #3 without Auto flash on http://img136. ...
Commercial growing and New growers
... i know a guy who got his first 2 pounder last year. he harvested half and he left ... . The grows good the 12 hour work days are killing me though! expect to see me auto ghani ...
5000 plant grow
... average, lmao, goes the ten pounder :) Smile ... grow here no proper auto genes around here so ill harvest only once but im planning a 1000+ plant grow ...
DSD Grow Along [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... my ideal way to grow, but I wanted to grow a larger amount ... both been killed in an auto accident coming back from a ... so im shooting for a 2 pounder with these beans next year. ...
OldPork's Deep in the Bush 2011
... will be occupied reading your grows for years to come. ... autos is excellent. Damn nice auto's OP! Thank you for taking the auto ... a 3 to 4 pounder. The Emerald Jack doesn' ...
Sergei's Guerilla Garden 2011
... outdoors should be a nice grow, i like that song on page ... emerald triangle style expecting 1-3 pounders? The only plant I expect ... fuck is up with my Haze auto?! It is half the ...
OldPork's Pork-a-Palooza 2010!
... talk about giving another auto a try--but this ... friend Cantharis and Kiwi 2-pounder? Perhaps an option to research... ... young lad, growing up in rural PA, I would grow tomatoes ...

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