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BC Northern Lights Grow Box
... Grow Box Thinking about buying one, they cost a pretty penny but they look as if they're worth it and eventually pay for themselves. Anyone have any experience with them? No personal experience, but I have heard many people say ... they were poorly designed. They look nice to me, but again... I have never touched one. would be cool for autoflowering but besides that your better off getting a tent and light.
Onyx , Big Devil, White Dwarf Journal for 1st Attmpted Autoflower Grow
... Autoflower Grow - Page 2 Originally Posted by Llamamontana As of 6 AM today I now have 2 Big Devils sprouting and ... . After a couple of successful and one failed grow,I bought a Turbogarden aeroponics system because it seemed more efficient. ...
Aerogardens And lowryder #2
... plenty of oxygen.. I use aeros for cloning and vegging.. I like BC Nutes... Is your lowrider an autoflowering plant? i would recomMend getting a HOT5 ... , some pvc, pump etc.. Just look on the internet for a DIY Aeroponics system and build away.. its easy.. I built mine with 2 different basket (hole ...
For Those of You Who Grow Lowryder (1,2, Ganja Dwarf, or Crosses)
... problems with ganja dwarf from ams not autoflowering, and had to move to 12/12 lighting... but I also tried Lowryder #2 and was surprised how fast they started ... super lemon haze from ghs , this plant is a bitch in my aeroponic cloner and maybe only get roots in about 10% of attempts ,anyone got a ...
... has anybody ever tried an autoflower strain like early wonder skunk in an aero setup? We hqave a SUbforum on AeroGarden, you may want to start there. VV Whats the difference between a Bubbler, Aeroponics and a DWC bucket? Which is ...
aerogarden pH rises too quickly... please help
... or 1 gallon bucket? The more water the slower the fluctuations will be. I use the AG 6 Spacesaver model and am doing just fine with no PH test or anything. Make sure you meter is calibrated. I had the exact ... see this next grow I do? Heh 8 weeks, 4 plants, 5-6 ounces off autoflowering dwarf seeds from tha joint doctor. Oh and I plant 7 and I tourture 1 male cutting him back but keeping him barely alive... you should see ...
White hairs?
... not likely to autoflower from bag seed. Actually 99.999% it won't. Mum #1 you can call her. Flower away or take clones from this one. Really! My bud who recently did a indoor dirt CFL grow and was sucsessfull said ... in the way as you seem to be very expereienced. So I should seperate this one and put it into flowering nutes and light cycle now and hopefully in about 52 days maybe longer I will have a micro yeild? Im really interrested ...
aerogarden newbie,need some help
... plants have their first three-set leaves, then start with a lower dose than recommended, slowly building your way up. and yes, when u put in fresh water, put in new nutes. distilled water is a good idea, either spring water ... 'm hoping for good better yeild because it is autoflowering(no 12/12) and is a small plant. Lets cross our fingers. If you go to radioshack, you can purchase a light timer and and a plug that will link your ag to a ...
If you could only afford one nute for.
If you could only afford one nute for. If you could only afford one nute for an autoflower hydro grow... Is Tiger Bloom the best bet? Originally Posted by MeditateWithJah If you could only afford one nute for an autoflower hydro grow... Is Tiger Bloom the best bet? you should try humbolt nutrients the oneness,its a one part nute for veg and bloom,i just started using it but it seems ...
compact hydroponic systems
... is 4'x4' and 3' tall to the cfls. anybody have ideas for a low profile hydroponic setup. ... my height restriction is low but I can tie them down (LST) grow some autoflower strains,they stay short I have white widow ...

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