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First Attempt: 250w Dresser Stealth Soil Grow - Autoflowers
... Autoflowers - Page 31 - Grasscity. ... light. With my light being vented by my 475cfm fan now, I am getting to the point where its getting hard to stay about 75F LOL, what a change ...
250w HPS Autoflower Grow
... Autoflower Grow - Forums Hey GC! I've been reading ... by a friend) Lighting schedule is 18/6 I had an MH running the first 2 weeks but changed to HPS when ...
The best stealth lighting system? ... PL FTW!
... should be plenty of light. I am only going to do autoflowering lowryder2. If you think ... this!!!! changed my whole setup and think I am a little smarter with the light part ...
... light, or at least options to change them (he wasn't too clear). Or maybe some have changing ... grow, experiment with something else. For autoflowers, you can grow them under 100% ...
Nirvana-Northern Lights Fem pc grow (note: living with parents!)
... autoflowering strains for pc grows. you can just pick a strain that has a very low hight and odour (which is why i chose Northern Light ...
4-55watt CFLs and Autoflowers
... autoflowering seeds and im wondering what lighting cycle you use for them? do you keep it high like 18-6 but with the flowering lights instead of veg lights ...
Matt091's first PC Grow-Northern Lights autoflower
... later today when the lights go back on, now ... Autoflowers use 20/4 their whole lives. You don't have to change from 20/4.. Quote: Originally Posted by omdogg Autoflowers ...
Autoflowering in Spring?
... light during winter and put them out in the spring and they flower nicely from the change from constant light ...
Autoflowers vs. Pineapple Chunk - What do you think?
Autoflowers vs. Pineapple Chunk - What do you think? - Grasscity. ... be? while flowering, you should only be on 12/12. changing light schedual in flower from 12/12 to 18/6 or ...
Aerogarden Autoflowers
... can you describe, do you mean just changing the water in the resevoir without adding ... benefit from LED lighting. I am growing a shorter lowlife autoflower than kbfl0912. ...

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