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24/0 or 12/12 AutoFlower's
24/0 or 12/12 AutoFlower's can you keep an auto flowering plant on a 24/0 light cycle from seed/clone all the way till harvest? ... light cycle from seed/clone all the way till harvest? Father of auto's 'The Joint doctor" says optimally the light regime should be 18/6 straight through 12/12 ...
12/12 from seed, on the short and long, how long till cured buds?
... autoflower dwarf indica. But on the long end and short end, what is the duration you guys have seen for 12/12 ... 12/12 light ...
How does light cycles effect Autoflowering plants?
... light cycles effect Autoflowering plants? I have a few autos going, about 5 weeks in, 2 weeks into flowering. I know that autos flower reguardless of light ...
Lowlife lighting?
... lighting cycle be 12/12, 18/6, or 14/8. I am wondering because some sites say even when lowlifes are flowering you should keep them on a higher lighting ...
24/7 lighting
... a 24/7 lights always on grow? Yer ... autoflowering type. Dont lowryder flower no matter what the light cycles ... autoflowering and you don't really have to change the light to 12/12 ...
24/0 to 18/6 light cycle change?
... autoflowering strain that started flowering in 18-6, it's still starting too. no plans on reverting itself back to veg, I'm going to force it 12/12 ...
Autoflowering & Preflowering
... autoflowering plant preflowers does that mean it will automatically go into the flowering cycle because it doesn't need a 12/12 light cycle ...
autoflowering seeds?
... 12/12 lighting cycle) you can grow them the entire grow at 24-0 18-6 12-12 ...
Autoflower not flowering!!
... light cycle. I got them from the pick n mix site and they were near enough the dearest autoflower ...
Best/Favorite Light Cycle?
... tall after flowering. I have the light cycle on 24/0 since i planted it. ... is that just for autoflowering? Someone please drop some knowledge on me because I am ... Box Day 4 (12-6- ...

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