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Nutes for my Lowyrder and Laughing Buddah
... in this is my first. Running 2 AG in my closets (pics to come) with an autoflowering Lowryder and a laughing buddah (sativa) in ...
Help, something is wrong w/ my first grow! Pics
... in brief I started my first grow ever last week. I'm growing easy ryder autoflowers ... in my gardens. I have been for the last two years. Its how i learned to grow hydroponically ...
Seedlings won't grow
... i'm concerned is that autoflower seeds only have a set ammount of life in then, so if it ... dude its a lot easier I am doing a hydroponics nut idk what all these types are I' ...
The AeroGarden:A good way to get into hydroponics or a waste of money?
... autoflowering plants, check lowlife seeds for some badass seeds. i just built a 10 gallon rubbermaid hydroponic ... for some reason every other post in the dam hydro forum is aero ...
Aussie Growers Thread
... is these guys.. Hydroponic Connection on Dorset Rd in Bayswater stocks Canna.. Go there ... are some pics of my autoflowers their Hindu Kush and 20 ...
Aussie Growers Thread
... been reading alot about autoflowers and 18/6 ... 5 free seeds. Came in the original breeders packs. ... swear by Cyco range of hydroponic nutes, Australian made and have proven ...
Water Farm G-13 Auto Pineapple Express
... in response to the demand of our customers requested larger sized autoflowering we selected this gene which reaches a height of 1-1,5 m Autoflowering ... /i/hydroponics...waterfarm ...
If any Strain can be Crossed with an Auto
... that with your autoflower sea-of-green. ... system or run hydroponically to reduce the ... but thats what counts in my mind My first ...
easy ryder CFL grow- need some help to specific questions scattered in my post please
... some easy ryder feminized autoflower seeds from attitude ... ? Don't grow in soil, I grow ... ...I use General Hydroponics Flora program ...
18 day light cycle?
... with 20/4 with their autoflowers. It's working great for ... another approach. Discount Hydroponics at Riverside, California ... compared that to what happens in nature. You don't ...

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