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First Time Autoflower Grow. Could Use a Bit of Advice
... be able to take some pics, and they said Ak48 was the most potent autoflower avaible atm so, we'll see! i've read somewhere that a ...
autoflower strain help - Stoner Forums
... russian autoflowering strain and an onyx autoflowering strain I say you should look at. Lowlife Seeds autoflowering AK47 is wicked and thats probably one of the most potent ...
Best HIGH Yielding Potent Strain
... indica hybrid, but many of the most potent strains lean towards sativa like AK- ... planting and more quality buds than any autoflowering strain. Autos have their place, ...
need some autoflowering seeds with some specs
... the lr2. More potent bigger yields, i ... autoflowering strains available. Demand from the growing community requested the same autoflowering ... along way. I would most certainly keep ...
What is autoflower?
... . second, they tend to be less potent than regular fem strains, because most are crossed with a ruderalis in order to achieve the autoflower. that being said, you should ...
Crossing autoflowers
... autoflowering would be awsome since you shouldnt really top autoflowers and it would theoretically produce 3 times as much bud as a regular autoflower ...
Best Autoflowering strains
... auto-flowering, it's also a very potent strain. Any one of those are recommendable ... yeilder for an autoflower. They grow more bushy with many large colas, unlike most autos ...
Okay so what is the general consensus on feminized seeds and autoflowering strains?
... light. Autoflowering strains are not as potent because the autoflowering trait comes ... femmed seeds growers reporting no hermies. So most of the comments I have seen ...
Autoflowering Strains vs "Normal" Strains
... , most indoor ops can also typically finish in around 4 months or so. In addition, I've read in some topics that autoflowering strains typically aren't as potent ...
opinion on autoflower strains for next spring/summer?
... buy a packet of autoflowering hindu kush from attitude seeds site..... ... people saying they are less potent and not as good as ... a short vegatation period and most of it's life is ...

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