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average flowering time with cfls

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8ishop's closet-CFL-Dirt-1st Grow
... with CFL because it was all i could afford but now it it really feels like an achievement. Noone else ever goes through with a CFL ...
2 points with CFL REVOLUTION
... cfl is used. also with cfl ... flowering 12/12 during the off period probably gets stinky right so you'd have to have some odor control during that time ... above average compared to ...
Ignatz451's first CFL grow
... CFL harvest as I'm in the early stages of my grow and i plan to flower this round with CFL ... the average. I'm obsessed with the ... any first time grower start with the ...
Advantage V. disadvantage CFL's
... cfls but the heat is more concentrated in an hid. more over no one vegs for 3 months with cfl ... flowering. Isn't 3 mo from seed to 16" slow? (on average ... winter time with ...
Potency & CFLs??? Anyone know???
... CFLs??? Anyone know??? Soooo... Light this blunt right quick. so does anyone know if growing with CFLs ...
what is your average yield per plant
... Strain -Veg time -Flowering time -Medium/equipment used -Nurtient base and additives used -Average DRY ... with some cfl side lighting.. can any one guess what im gonna end up with ...
~600W CFL & Floro Grow :) 1 Week into Flower
... Flower - Page 3 Originally Posted by newgrowboxgrower this is the set up with cfl ... , averaging ... ? Any time ...
CFL Tutorial
... flowers. That is nature's way. Indoors, in HYDRO with feeder tubes, we cut that time ... average ...
My CFL setup
... CFL setup This is my first time growing with CFL and as far as I can tell, itÂ’s going good. I am one week into flowering ... , and she was averaging 1/5 an inch ...
how long until you can smoke the bud with cfls
... with cfls i was just wondering how long from seed to harvest using cfl's. i know it varies upon nutes and all that other stuff but just on average ...

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