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Official Munchie Pic Thread- Always Updated
... Canadian? Cinnamon Life cereal with sliced bananas with cinnamon sprinkled on top ... greens... super dank I don't have a picture, but after living in the south ...
Lets Build a Bubble Bucket *Step by Step*
... its harvest time correct? Also a couple large banana leaves are turning yellow near the top ... of male, female, and hermaphrodite. The pictures shown show male pods and should ...
Going to start flowering tonight!
... so i got a banana, does anybody know if that little trick with a banana works? im hoping ... many there were be4 this picture. lol IMG_1534.jpg This is a picture of a leaf that i ...
Late Grow Journal (pics 56k warning)
... crazy sativa man, the first picture in your third batch of pictures. Do you have any clones? ... a seed of Purple Passion, a seed of Banana Kush and another no name.... . It could ...
1st Grow... soil, CFL, HPS
... wooweee! what are these? I noticed some banana looking things sticking out from one plants bud. I snapped the clearest pictures i could. You can see there are ...
Freedom4ever's home without a garden/for now!
... will be running Hydro after that. Hydro! Top banana! Quote: he misses the stick Free it to ... the bean popping . I was gonna take some pictures with my new cam for your journal ...
Growers coffee lounge
... . Morning Unoit. Where did you find my pictures? Page 2562 and 2563 Quote: Originally Posted ... trees close by? I miss my avocado, banana and guava trees. Yes I have ...
Growers coffee lounge
... use list?:laughing I'm smoking some Banana Kush a friend got trust me ... chicken my camera is dead,, no batteries,,,, no pictures today for you blades,,, ...getting ready to ...
150 watt CFL Stealth Cabinet grow
... leave for a little longer, IDK if those are bananas or Bud nodes. Let it come in a little ... from what I can see. Got a few more pictures of the possible male. Any help I.D.- ...
Who's coming with me 5 strains lift off
... . So here are some nugs and a picture of the helix before action..... Hope you guys ... All the hard work paid out nicely, Top banana wow gix that afghan looks great and ...

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