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Nirvana Blackjack Fem
... Here is a look back of a not too long ago young, exuberant blackjack in veg. approx, 2 weeks ago, comments and tips would be appreciated, thanks ... so ready to see your girls pop off! yay for us growing potent blackjack! dont forget to threaten your bitches a bit ... ya know. like i advised ...
BlackJack Grow 1st time grower
... Grow 1st time grower Hey folks,hope a few experienced blackjack growers will stop by for some guidance and comparison and suggestions to my ... - 5'highx4'longx2'deep Ocean forest soil in 2 gallon pots 5 femed blackjacks from nirvana 400w mh/hps light 18/6 on then 12/12 50w ...
Nirvana's Blackjack
Nirvana's Blackjack this is a pic of my baby blackjack. i got 5 female seeds from nirvana. so far im 1 for 1, ... too so maybe two blackjack two GoM. looks ...
Nirvana Blackjack day 63 of flower, 400w tent grow. PICS:-)
Nirvana Blackjack day 63 of flower, 400w tent grow. PICS:-) bk 016.jpg bk 005. ... bk 023.jpg Just thought I would post a few pics of my Blackjack on day 63, I think I have a week or so to go ...
Indoor Soil Grow: BlackJack in FoxFarms
Indoor Soil Grow: BlackJack in FoxFarms Greetings. Novice doing first medicinal blackjack grow indoors with FoxFarm Ocean Forest & Perlite around 2:1. ...
nirvana-shop seeds blackjack
... skunk variety called Purple Bud growing right beside my Blackjack plants, and the Afghanis are 100% indica, the blackjacks are growing just like them, no stretching at all ...
Blackjack Bud Porn
... my home, then it'll be bubbling blackjack haha LOOKING GOOD. MIGHT GET THESE MYSELF..AND bubbling blackjack SOUNDS GOOD..PLUS REP ...
Nirvana: Blackjack
... gump voice" Looks kinda like your Dinafem Hash Plant Blackjack is a cross between Jock Horror and Black Domina. Both are ...
... .jpg bj109f.jpg bj109h.jpg weird that doesn't look like blackjack. Blackjack is 80% sativa and yours looks like 80% indica. curious ...
BlackJack CGE Spring 2010
... 2010 Cheers folks This is the beginning of my second run with Nirvana BlackJack. My first run has another another week to go, they are being flushed ...

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