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The Seed Collectors Thread
... : Reg Seeds Per Pack - 10 Seeds Quantity: 1 Product Code: CALP266/du Price: £43.99 Product: Cali Connection Blackwater Seeds Options: Reg Seeds Per Pack - 10 Seeds Quantity ...
Come one come all. Good seed brands and bad seed brands compiled into one list.
... Seeds ***Unstable female seeds with hermies and males 2) Cali Connection ***Unstable female seeds with hermies 3) Greenhouse Seed ... the Tahoe OG, and Blackwater i have not ...
My review of Cheese Quake Subcool seeds
... long this morning. By far the fastest growing seeds ive ever germinated. The OG #18 is ... was similar but i smoked all of the blackwater within a month after cutting it. strong ...
Attitude seed back Lucky 7 promo
Attitude seed back Lucky 7 promo - Page 2 purple try GDP or Plushberry or Blackwater (i would stay away from CCs fem seeds) as far as good breeders, it ...
Blackwater (by The Cali Connection) :: SeedFinder :: Strain Info
... from: 1 Seed 10 Seeds Seedsman - 79.19 € Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds 9.46 € 94.62 € The Attitude - 80.49 € Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree Blackwater »»» Mendo ...
The Cali Connection Blackwater - 420 Magazine
The Cali Connection Blackwater - 420 Magazine Recently picked up a pack of 3 regular non feminized seeds and I am hoping for at least 1 female. I am ... fast and strong. Can't wait to see how these plants turns out. Blackwater is mystifying. thanks 12/12, as soon as she starts showing her flowers ...
Growing my own seeds - 420 Magazine
... but pollen. You will need a male and a female to create seeds. The resulting seeds will be a mix of male and female and share the traits ... want to seed. You can even seed multiple strains onto 1 female plant if you want to. This year I harvested a bunch of Bubba Kush and Blackwater (OG ...
Pollenating a lady for seeds?? / NeW Strain? - 420 Magazine
... , so lately i been thinking about pollenating one of my ladies to get seeds and possibly my own personal,unique strain. i was just wondering what are ... the forums that it takes about 4-5 weeks for seeds to form after pollenation. i have a Blackwater OG clone flowering but i really dont wanna mess ...
Cali Connection Seed List - THCfarmer
... V2 Alien OG Deadhead OG Ogiesel NEW Cali Connect Seeds!! Jamaican D Alien Vacation Jamaican Me Crazy Blackwater Hey Ridge, what's the Alien Vacation? Is ...
Seed Menu - THCfarmer
... OG Jamaican D Original Sour Diesel Blackwater Chem 4 Regulator Kush Purple ... seeds, Motarebel Genetics, Sannie Seeds, Gage Green , Bohdi seeds, alphakronik seeds, BOG seeds ...

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