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Kellogg's and Michael Phelps
... ... Dude where you been? Cap'n Crunch has been the number one munchie blaster for as long as I can recall (typically measured in minutes, but some ...
Elite Clone List
... roman candle screaming mimi lady finger fuzz buttle snicker bomb church burner finger blaster gut busters zippity do da crap flapper whistling bunghole spleen spliter whisker ...
MPC thread--- MP's, LP's, and recording
... 1010 sound card / interface I have heard of issues if using standard sound blaster type cards as there not really up to the job ahh mpowered, i ...
Need bong help
... Gspot! I am about to order a EHLE hollow bottom st8 tube! Head blaster! All we need is for RooR Head to come in here, and start ... Gspot! I am about to order a EHLE hollow bottom st8 tube! Head blaster! All we need is for RooR Head to come in here, and start ...
PANORAMA czech outdoor 2009
... :woohoo: - and -surrounding forest fertilizers - bioBIZZ -all -atami PK13\14 - grotek -blossom blaster - plagron phitamin -plagron cropmax floweret go all out 5.-10.5 ...
Total 1st time grow!! Would like some pointers please
... i'm happy with that and have just been given some Super Bud Blaster and some Cha Ching been promised they are good but i'm jubious ... they are putting loads of size and weight but still no stretch (Superbud Blaster) but in 6 days i'm dropping it so i can use the ...
Bobby Stainless presents: Return to the 36th Chamber
... leaning Sonja. It's a winner. Blue Sonja and Mob Boss are head blasters too. I believe Prophet, Mob Boss, and Ultra Sonja are available right now ...
Attn: All T5 users
... you have to wire it up to a plug in 2 4ft t5 blasters at 33 bucks have 10000 lumens and you can plug them in and ...
Wat it do? Back at it again... Go Big or Go Home
... with aeroponics technaflora PH up n down Hygrozyme Dutch masters zone growtek blossom blaster Koolbloom calmag NOT ALL IN CONJUNCTION... JUST TRYIN DIFFERENT THINGS OUT AS I ...
Mag Deff? Pics and lots of Info Please help!
... , Its my first time using the GH, Original PBP Bloom, Super natural Bud blaster and carbo load recipe, The guy that gave me the first one does ... all through PBP recipe Micro Grow Bloom PBP Liquid KB Carbo Supernatural Bud Blaster Week 1 3 3 3 20 2 25 Week 2 3 2 4 ...

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