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Flush yo coco botanicare beware
... a year with no problems,I think peace LOL botanicare is absolutely fine.... I had half a bag of Botanicare that I got rid of because of something similar. Cannana banana. I use botanicare straight out of the bag. No rinsing before putting ... , but then after a few months of you feeding it then things went south... And you want to blame Botanicare for this??? IMO, Botanicare has the best quality Coco (especially for the cost per L) on the market. Canna Coco is 99 ...
Botanicare Power Clone Anyone know whats in it?
Botanicare Power Clone Anyone know whats in it? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums The title pretty much says it all. Lately ...
2x4 tent/tray, House & Garden+Botanicare, pure coco, 6-Green Ice, 2-Stardog, 2-Chem D
2x4 tent/tray, House & Garden+Botanicare, pure coco, 6-Green Ice, 2-Stardog, 2-Chem D [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums It's been a weird ... with MOAB lightly. I bet if I use sugars next run I will see a difference, I used to run botanicares Sweet and it seemed to do something.... hazy-Thats awesome Hazy!!! Glad to here you are still having fun! You ...
New stuff from Botanicare, CNS17
... week, not including regular watering. Any suggestions? Let me know Any questions welcome. :dance: Hey all, I've been using Botanicare's CNS17 on my indoor DWC and have had good results. Not many ph problems like reported, it stays pretty ... all.... things are growing quik too! I am interested in the "RIPE" or "Ripen" product by Botanicare, supposed to be a complement to the CNS17... any words on this product greatly appreciated.... thankyou.... - ZZ This is my ...
Did Botanicare stop making Triflex?
Did Botanicare stop making Triflex? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Did Botanicare stop making Triflex? That would be news... still on the shelves here...??? I just can't find it anywhere on their site :dunno:
Sweet from Botanicare
Sweet from Botanicare [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums I am weeks away from harvesting my first crop. I read that some people put ... lost two BD's last night. Sooo, disappointing. i have never lost one plant by adding molassis. I suggest calling Botanicare...:tiphat:
Botanicare Cocogro Brick: Flush or no flush
... Brick: Flush or no flush [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Hi IC, I just picked up a brick of Botanicare Cocogro and wanted to obtain some input from growers who have actually used it in the past or are currently ... full of salts. But I never measured any significant ppm in my rinse water. Now I don't bother rinsing. Botanicare seems to do a really good job of getting the salts out. I did however find an empty package of ...
Botanicare's Ready Gro Moisture mix...
... same PH as coco coir. interesting. thanks:tiphat: it is coco... with some perlite. 5.5-6.0 FYI, check Botanicare's site. They now have a coco mix that is amended a bit. Moisture and aeration formulas. -granger Yup, it ... rinses the bricks of coco before throwing it in a bag and charging 3x the price. if you do use botanicare for some reason, break up all the gigantic chunks of compressed coco they leave behind and precharge/rinse the shit ...
Botanicare Sweet? Organic Carbohydrate Synthesizer ?
Botanicare Sweet? Organic Carbohydrate Synthesizer ? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums who uses this anyone? i have "sweat leaf" which ...
Anone Use Botanicare's SWEET????
... sweet when smoked or did the product itself taste sweet. the buds tasted sweet when smoked i thought. All of botanicare products are top notch,I love the liquid karma. The LK also has carb's in it, plus tons of ... soil and his flavor is frikkin amazing. But i worry about it in my hydro setup, and i am all botanicare already, so [how] sweet it is! Ingredients: Cane sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, glycine ...

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