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Bud Rot??? Pics included
... humidity whether it's raining or not. I'm new so I'm just guessing based on what I've read. If it is bud rot, what can I ... luck. - D It looks like bud rot to me. I've had it befor sevaral times. Have you been getting a lot of rain? I wouldn't spray it ...
how worried should i be about bud rot?
... bud rot here and there. i picked off the rotted parts and was on my way. it's been nice and sunny the past week, but now it's raining and will rain for the next week. how worried should i be about the bud rot? how fast can it spread? my ...
North-east bud rot
... bud rot - Forums hey guys im struggling with bud rot on my 6 ladies the weathers been weird here this year, really warm and humid with lots of rain ...
Bud Rot
... a picture of what pure bud rot looks like? We had the aftermath of a hurricane pass through here over the weekend. It rained ALOT. I was not able ... the rest. Can you guys please post a picture of definite bud rot? If this is not bud rot then it is some other problem. Either way, I tried clipping ...
Bud Rot 1 - Marijuana 0
Bud Rot 1 - Marijuana 0 - Forums Well it happened, my plants have been combating bud rot ...
Harvest w/ bud rot - Need advice ASAP!
... near the bud rot. Is that the stuff that seeps onto the buds and causes the rot? After I finish tomorrow I'm going to inspect every single bud again very ... am dealing with same issue.....only 2 1/2 grams got bud bud rot was because rain and humidity been crazy here and my strain is super icy and ...
Bud Rot!
Bud Rot! 2 of my W.W. had one bud each with just a tip of bud rot ...Darn ... watch? What to do any suggestions. Rain and showers predicted for the nextt week ...
HELP! Outdoor bud rot!
... for bud rot, i was fighting that recently too...i just removed the bud and let the plants dry out a lil...humidity and rain are a bitch together. I've been battling bud rot for the ...
a little bud rot
... bud rot one of my four plants has a little bud rot on parts of it, its on about 20% of all my bud ... to foliar often before a rain and after.and as the ...
question about bud rot
... bud rot I have my plants in at 45 days flowering. I found one bud that has a fairly good dose of mold/bud rot. The whole bud is probably shot. My buds ...

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