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Gravity flower hardener
Gravity flower hardener - Page 2 Unless you're growing a purple variety, don't use the purple maxx. And I have had better results turning the buds and ...
Poll on Bud Squeezing
... squeezing THEM gently. I even have a notice on the door: "TOUCHING BUDS WILL BE REGARDED AS A TERRORIST ACT AND DEALT WITH ACCORDING TO STANDARDS ... causes bruising and budrot but it is definately annoying. Trichs harden up after dry but on growing bud they are very sticky (duh!). If you touch them they ...
how can i get bigger buds!!!!
... for humbolt flower hardener. thanks guys im definitely going to use molasses and look into the bud hardener, its in thick ...
Techs for hardening buds
Techs for hardening buds So I always am ready and trying differnt methods and I figured Id ... to help make larger fuller buds. I also like to use additives like sweet,sugar daddy,Beatie bloomz, and Humbodlt countys gravity flower hardener. I also find good ...
someone gave me 3ounz of buds and it smell funny - Stoner Forums
... smell funny - Stoner Forums Hi.. Someone gave me 3 ounz of buds (they call it china buds).. When i got it, it was a bit moist and fresh ... the bud spoiled? I don't think it molded because it still look a bit green/and red hair but some part have white dot. and its hardened ...
4th Harvest and 30 Ounces Later... Buds Still Fluffy - The Garden's Cure
... mid-70's and the buds fatten, harden , and tighten. Same room, same strains, same grow regimen -- different temp appears to make the buds denser. buzzmobile I've gotten ...
... factors are making grow-rips attractive to both hardened criminals and their fledgling associates. Even if ... area with an abundance of B.C. bud. The chances of making a big score ...
curing bud with rum? - The Garden's Cure
... take your drying bud (not too dry) and PRESS it...thats right take them juicy buds and squish them mofos down........ in time this apparantly hardens and turns brown sometimes black in colour and makes one hell of potent smoke.. thinking back i have squished a fairly fresh bud b4 and ...
Monster Bloom or Big Bud ???? - The Garden's Cure
... to just be overprices regular fertilizers, mayeb im wrong Hey elmutt . Most bud builders/flower hardeners are weight adding additives that do one of two things: they either ...
snow storm?
... lady at.the talked me into some shytt. I was buying bud hardener called gravity and she said I should also buy the other stuff too ...

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