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too mist or not to mist that is the question
... and state the it will cuz BUDROT.... agree with dont because of the bud rot, but i very lightly misted a few flowering plants and had no ... the buds swell up quit a bit. i mist every 3 days. but like i mentiond you need very very good air flow to prevent mold and bud rot ...
When Do Buds Start Swelling?
When Do Buds Start Swelling? My Northern Lights Special has a lot of hairs growing and a slight ... swell. Here's an example from a grow I did. First pics about where you're at, second is just before harvest, same bud. Yours will start to swell ...
DR. aMbRa TrYcoMbs***** SuMmEr BUD baKE*******2011*****12/12 gRowiN'
... 5 more seeds in my lemon buds. take it easy matey Hi eveyone. ... in sight wait until the calyxes swell and check the trichs with ...
DR. aMbRa TrYcoMbs***** SuMmEr BUD baKE*******2011*****12/12 gRowiN'
... BUD baKE*******2011*****12/12 gRowiN' - Page 110 Looking ... ) the stigmas will start to reced as the calyx swells, some strains at this point will still be ...
sample buds don't smell done.. any help?
... buds dry fully just like a quick dry 12 hrs with a bit of heat to speed it up Originally Posted by swell ...
How much do buds grow the final week?
... it to be good.. On the other, if they weren't going to swell a bunch or improve dramatically I'm not so sure it's worth ... and mostly just colas(two per plant). I know I've read buds tend to swell the final week of flowering but it's not like they increase ...
Ok so pretty sure it's GETTING to be around that harvest time... need advice.
... long until my buds are finished, the agreed response and my own was 3-4 weeks.... All that being said, this thing has gone into bud swelling like I ... per square foot and I was well above and beyond! If your buds are starting to swell now, just wait a couple of weeks. I flower under 600 ...
... buds swell before trichomes turn amber? i elaborated in case i wasnt clear on the question. When all your trics on the bottom buds ...
Chem Dawg finished too early! How do I get them swelling again??
... anyone know what to do to get them swelling again? I've been flushing and flushing with ... to get it to grow some more bud, but the buds it already grew will be getting older ...
Buds Not Filling Out
... t going to do you any good. buds on the stems never join up ... that never does a bloody thing never swell up in my eyes then flush for ...

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