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can i spray flowering marijuana with bt and spinosad to kill budworms

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Caterpillar sucked on my main center cola
... to be liking the grape and purp ones the most. I sprayed with Ortho Fruit Flower & Vegtable spray that has Acetamiprid as the key ingredient. Been picking and ...
Help!!! just found eggs!
... with and the caterpillars/budworms- They are bastards! Can ruin/crap in/cause mold in up to 50% of your outdoor crops if not handled early.I have used BT and Spinosad ...
green bud eating caterpillars
... to day. If it only lasts for one day then wouldn't the directions say to spray more often? you make a very good point. ive used both BT and spinosad, and i found spinosad to ...
Stem Tremors??
... and lacewing, will consume a large number of borer eggs. Spray Dipel Dust (Bt-kurstaki) or Monterey Garden Insect Spray (spinosad) to kill ...

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