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can i spray flowering marijuana with bt and spinosad to kill budworms

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Caterpillar sucked on my main center cola
... I don't think the worms can eat it all Guy over a RIU swears by the bug zapper. He states it works wonders. Yep stupid worms!!!!! They seem to be liking the grape and purp ones the most. I sprayed with Ortho Fruit Flower & Vegtable spray ...
Help!!! just found eggs!
... with and the caterpillars/budworms- They are bastards! Can ruin/crap in/cause mold in up to 50% of your outdoor crops if not handled early.I have used BT and Spinosad. Spinosad seemed to work well ( better than the BT, BT ...
green bud eating caterpillars
... spray bt and spinosad togethre at intervals. these things do damage everyone speaks of spider mites or thrips i find these cats to be much more destructive imo. Try planting 'Tomatos' as a companion plant, they seam to like them better & they are easyer to find & kill ...
Stem Tremors??
... to determine main flight period for moths, then release trichogramma wasps to destroy eggs. Beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and lacewing, will consume a large number of borer eggs. Spray Dipel Dust (Bt-kurstaki) or Monterey Garden Insect Spray (spinosad) to kill ...


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