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Spider mite prevention. Your organic method?
... months, one heavily infested with hemp russet mites, the other completely clean. I managed ... of this the other day not with cannabis but near a squash plant. perfectly healthy. ...
whats going on with this plant?
... It looks like Cannabis russet mites to me... get a 40X microscope and look inside the new growth. If it is russet mites, you will see ...
Borg attack from unexpected source
... by Russet Mites. I realized too late and gave in. Live to fight another day. While getting our starts, the Farm had a handout about TRM (Tomatoe Russet Mites) and ...
Dead growth tips, brown dust
... 100% sure but the only thing we could come up with was. HEMP RUSSET MITES. Look close at the new growth and petioles and pray to your God ...
mystery prob? off gassing??
... 766137 damn .. you got those russet mites check out shelfempled thread .....get on it wit some type of spray,..... check ...
Tan powder on stems?
... to do. Hemp russet mites! Never even heard of these things. I can't believe how fucking small these things are. Makes a two spotted mite look like tarantula ... all like spider mites. Not even Avid works well against them, based on what's been relayed to me. If it's the hemp russet mite, try the Safers ...
N.C Outdoor Grow 2011
... russet mite ( Aculops cannabicola ) is equally destructive, but less commonly encountered. Other mites cited on marijuana include the oriental mite ...
Leaves rolling up of edges with strange bumpy surface - THCfarmer
... mites" (pretty sure), and although they're not discussed as bugs on cannabis ... russet mites" - aculops cannabicola, of family eriophyoidea (a "eriophoid" mite ...
mfts, 4 x 4' x 16'
... remover. gotta love the fuely spectrum of cannabis plants. mm some more quick snaps, they ... a seed into my grows again...gdamn russet mites...worse than the borg or ra cause ...
bobblehead overtakes
... . I have healthy foliage... pH is on point. So it's a pest. Russet mites most likely. I didn't forbid this crop and I'm kicking myself ... , 1x a week sprays with forbid 4F is going to knock out my russet mite infestation... cause right now I want to vomit every time I look at ...

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