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question about soft white cfls.
... so far for me I have 2 soft white 29 watt/2200 lumen CFLs from HD in a Y socket for my lil seedlings right now and ... -pics/index.php?n=215 also from GK. huge bud, plant yielded abt 3 oz on cfl's. was there a slow of growth in the veg stage ...
stunted plant yield
stunted plant yield this is my plant. I am usuing coco coir in 1/half gal pot. 31 days old, very stunted. It's under 4x50w cfls, 12000ml ... can possibly get your oz off it , but its not healthy so the yield can range from nothing to a half. soil oh and GH an coco ...
Lighting question, cfl's or 100w hps
... total wattage in cfl lights is 138 watts i also have a 100w hps security light but was wondering which will give me the best yield and stay ... all put the hps above and get a shed load more of the cfls and have them as side lighting ect The most economical (in the long ...
Yield Calculator
... Too bad they don't have it for CFL I found it odd that as the lumens per sq ft increased (for a 400W HPS) the yield decreased ...
CFL Questions, planning 1st grow
... still get some good crystaly bud with cfls. Also is there any techniques to makes cfls more efficient so quality and yield isn't sacrificed so much? Any advice would be very helpful From what i have read(about to start my first cfl grow ...
growing with CFLS "single digital switcahble ballast"
growing with CFLS "single digital switcahble ballast" A simple 400 watt switcable setup makes ... cheaper all around and save time and increase yield 300% alnog with shortening the grow time I am growing the CFL route.Someone on this site told me ...
... fluoro's and 104 wats of CFL's?? btw the CFL's = 400 watts in regular bulbs the lights can affect the yield alot the more lumens on ...
red light out of cfl's
... the red spectrum onto their plants (increases yield apparently) hmm,the red spec for veg ... using it on my dutch method indoor/cfl grow so its too early to tell ...
Burnt my lower leaves with cfl light help
... cfl light help I put some cfls on the side,,so i can get the lower ... id say came off,,,will this effect my yield u think,,,i mean,.,its only the leaves,, ...
Another indoor yield question
... closet growing), and it's high yield. This site claims an indoor yield of 500-700 gr/sqm. That ... i doubt its gunna be legit, i wanted cfls, but only cuz i was settling for easy ...

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